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From the, a report on the results of the Boycott of the Santa Anita races because of the increased takeout on the exotic bets. HANA reported a 15 percent drop in handle, while the suits at Santa Anita say it's a 5% increase.

Well, if you read the whole article, you realize that Santa Anita is counting all of their simulcasting wagers as part of the handle.

They just don't get it.

People staying away from betting on Santa Anita races are doing so because of the increased takeout on YOUR product. Not other racing jurisdictions. To include that in the Santa Anita statistics is either massively oblivious or deliberately misleading.

The part that really gets me about this whole thing is that the CHRB promoted the increase in takeout as a boon for the horseplayer. Talk about unmitigated gall!

Time to get honest, California. Increasing takeout does not improve the product for the horseplayer. And when the horseplayers take action by voting with their dollars by not betting on your product, don't fudge the numbers. From the


The Horseplayers Association of North America officially declared war on California horse racing on Thursday, announcing in a press release that a much-talked about boycott had gotten under way earlier in the day. HANA and many of its most vocal members have been protesting the increase in takeout to 22.68% on two-horse or two-race bets and to 23.68% on bets involving three or more horses or races. All so-called exotic bets had been assessed a 20.68% takeout until the new law, SB1072, went into effect on Jan. 1, 2011. For the rest of the article:

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