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Reason #1 to use the Post Time Daily™:
We have accurately rounded fractional, final, and workout times

As you know, at Post Time Daily, we are working every day to make Post Time Daily the best past performances anywhere. In our view, the times of the races–fractional times, final times, times for the workouts, are a key component of the past performances, the most important data for any of you who use speed and pace in your handicapping.

We get calls and emails from some of you asking why the times in the Post Time Daily are sometimes different from the times reported in other past performance products.

All vendors of past performance data get their raw data from Equibase Company, LLC the official database for the thoroughbred industry.

However not all vendors choose to round the fractional and final time data in the same way.
As an example for the May 17, 2003 7th Race at Calder, Equibase provided times (in HUNDRETHS) of:

�24.36������������ 48.70������������ 1:13.32��������� 1:39.92

Based on universally accepted mathematical principles and practices, here is the correct rendering of those numbers into 5ths of a second:

24.36 48.70 1:13.32 1:39.92
24 2/5 48 4/5 1:13 2/5 140
Post Time Daily™:
24 2/5 48 4/5 1:13 2/5 140
Some Other PP vendors:
24 1/5 48 3/5 1:13 1/5 1:39 4/5

Some PP vendors choose to truncate this information and report fractional, final and workout times that make horses appear to have performed faster than they actually have.� These rounding errors also potentially result in incorrect three year best times, workout ranking, and pars used for speed figure calculations. In our judgment this is clearly wrong.�

Rest assured that when you use the Post Time Daily™ the times are correct. Rounded properly. Reported accurately.

We thought you should know. As always, we thank you so much for your support and your business,