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Post Time Daily 2.0™

Free Download. Now you can discover a new world of handicapping success with the breakthrough Post Time Daily 2.0™ software. Improve your handicapping and join the winners using the world’s finest online race form.

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The Sharper Handicapper 2000™

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Whether you’re a casual horseplayer, a weekend warrior, or a confirmed fanatic, you’re going to love The Sharper Handicapper 2000™. This is a remarkable, easy-to-use piece of software that works with your Post Time Daily™ files that will literally transform you into a Sharper Handicapper, no matter what your skill level.

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The Handicapping Magician

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The Original. The one that started it all, a computer software package that does all of the calculations that are described in Handicapping Magic™.

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The Expert Handicapper™ Version 2.0

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TXH turns your computer into your personal expert. It denotes horses as strong, very strong, and value plays. Like any good expert, it doesn’t make a selection in every race. The expert will give you a rating for each horse so you can make your own calls as well. The expert has – and continues – to select solid horses as well as value horses that pay monstrous mutuels.

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ValueCapper: Black Magic Handicapper 2.0
The Master Magician™ Software Package

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How You Can Slash Your Handicapping Time By 82%, Make Maximum Profits With Minimum Effort, And Start Quietly Pocketing Fistfuls Of Racetrack Cash—100% Guaranteed…

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What Our Clients Say
  • Hi Michael, I wanted to take a moment and congratulate you on an incredible program. Unfortunately, with TMM handicapping was becoming a chore. As you pointed out, it took a lot of brain power to sift through the hundreds of races to find the nuggets worth playing. Then you had to check for patterns, reversals, etc. And….many times after doing the work it was clear that it was a pass race…but a lot of good brain power was expended in making that decision. In short, the joy of handicapping was drained away. However, with Black Magic, handicapping is a real joy again. All of the tools and more are at our fingertips and it is rather a simple procedure to see if a bet is available.
  • WOW! Finally after 4 years going to many contests I achieved my goal and won the (2008 Orleans Handicapping Championship) tourney. I cannot say enough about Black Magic. Unbelievable. I have been using TMM since its beginning and was a weekend TMH user. I only received Black Magic 3 weeks ago and the winners have been plentiful.
  • I have been playing the horses for about 20 years and can count my winning days on one hand. I figured that spending money at the track was like having a car payment. Then along comes Black Magic: The Ultimate Handicapper and changes everything. Just received the software this week, reviewed the first five DVDs and hit a $17.00 horse at Turf Paradise yesterday. Next thing I know, Black Magic nails the 5th and 6th races at Santa Avocado. Congrats and thanks to Michael and Mr. X for helping me get rid of the “car payment”. WOW!
  • Michael: I watched the DVDs that came with the program again last night. What hits me over and over is that BLAM is a freaking tiger of a program – amazing energy that, should you learn how to harness it, could lead to great things for your handicapping and ROI. I’ve never said this about a handicapping program EVER, but I truly believe that Black Magic will completely change the way I play the horses. Congratulations again.
  • My only criticism of Michael is that in my opinion Black Magic is grossly underpriced. Considering the quality of the product, the obvious hundreds of hours that has gone into creating it, and the professionalism of the instructional videos, it should have been twice the price. I feel truly fortunate to have discovered MP’s products and approach to handicapping and the people who I have met being involved in my handicapping journey. Thanks Michael!
  • Good morning Michael. I simply had to write to you – thank you Michael – for your vision, for your dream, for all of your hard work over the 20 years, for “staying the course” to accomplish this lifetime goal, and most of all, thank you for sharing it with some of us. I am “blown away” by what you have created in Black Magic – simply brilliant!
  • L.F., Nevada
  • R.A., Canada
  • D.L.V., California
  • P.T., California
  • T.M., California
  • D.L.S., Wisconsin

Video & Courses


ValueCapping Academy

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Do Less Not More 19 DVDs and a comprehensive easy to understand manual will help you to really get it by breaking the game down into simple basic and simple realities. Providing you with a workable method on a silver platter. Avoid the overwhelm found in other courses and seminar. Make more profit with less effort.

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The Master Magician ValueTech Mega Package

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Now you can be one of the lucky few to discover the revolutionary ValueTech™ breakthrough and see Michael Pizzolla handicap and crush live races plus get the top secret software he personally uses to bet the pari-mutuel game.

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Mastering The Art Of Handicapping And Value Investing

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A Revolutionary Course That Will Massively Boost Your Profits At The Races, 100% Guaranteed

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The Advanced Mastery Course

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How to supercharge your handicapping and take your game and your thinking to a level you can hardly imagine.

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The Genius Mega Package

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The Genius Mega™ Package is both The Master Magician™ Software Package and The Master Magician ValueTech™ Mega Package in one super mega package for a remarkable savings in price.

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The Handicapping Magic Mega Seminar In a Box

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Michael Pizzolla’s killer tool box of revolutionary and easy-to-use techniques can turbo charge your handicapping dramatically and start a torrent of racetrack cash heading in your direction.

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WOW! Finally after 4 years going to many contests I achieved my goal and won the (2008 Orleans Handicapping Championship) tourney. I cannot say enough about Black Magic. Unbelievable. I have been using TMM since its beginning and was a weekend TMH user. I only received Black Magic 3 weeks ago and the winners have been plentiful.
WOW! Finally after 4 years going to many contests I achieved my goal and won the (2008 Orleans Handicapping Championship) tourney. I cannot say enough about Black Magic. Unbelievable. I have been using TMM since its beginning and was a weekend TMH user. I only received Black Magic 3 weeks ago and the winners have been plentiful.
Need course quote.


Handicapping Magic 3rd Edition

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The Amazing New Digital Course In Handicapping That Will Dramatically Improve Your Bottom Line 100% Guaranteed!

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Betting Techniques

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Learn the real inside secrets of how to manage your money at the track the way the big Wall Street boys do in the market.

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Michael Pizzolla
President of Post Time Solutions, Inc. Author of the best-selling book Handicapping Magic and the classic Pace Makes The Race.
Michael has also created state of the art DVD trainings in handicapping, including Mastering The Art Of Handicapping And Value Investing, the Advanced Mastery Course, and the new ValueCapping Academy.

Michael, an attorney by training, turned his attention to computers and thoroughbred racing. He has been hailed as one of the true pioneers of computer handicapping.

In 1994, Michael created and invented the original online racing form, then called the Handicappers’ Daily Racing Form. Micheal’s company was the only one to have ever published the Beyer Speed Figures® other than the Daily Racing Form©.

3rd Party Software

Speed Handicapper by Charles Carroll
Speed Handicapper™ v6.0 is one of the best organized tools for value-betting decisions available anywhere! Organize your handicapping into logical steps that lead to the contenders. At your fingertips you have all of the information in simple, asy-to-use formats, by just switching tabs in the same window: NOTE: The Speed Handicapper software is available via download. Once you place an order you will be emailed with instructions, usually in about 24 hours..
Charles Carroll
Author of Handicapping Speed: The Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Sprinters, and Speed Handicapper® software.
Charles Carroll was born in Boston and was educated at Boston University, Suffolk Downs, and Rockingham Park. After serving in the Army Presidential Honor Guard, where he stepped on President Johnson’s foot, he was shipped to Viet Nam and became a Psy-Ops Operator. He later did his graduate work at the University of New Mexico, Ruidoso Downs, The Downs at Albuquerque, and Santa Fe Downs. He is an anthropologist by profession, with a specialty in Native American issues. His various publications are used in environmental law courses, religious seminaries, and by degenerate gamblers around the world. [read more]

3rd Party Books

Betting and Beating the Exotics by Jerry Samovitz

A Dynamite Study and Exercise In Profiting at Pick 3’s and Trifectas! Those of you who read Jerry Samovitz’s previous book, Out Of The Red, Into The Black, know how obsessed he is with making a profit at the racetrack. That’s what we like about Jerry, and why we’ve been twisting his arm for a long time now to impart some more of his vast handicapping knowledge to our readers. And he’s done just that, and then some, in his new book, Betting & Beating the Exotics!

Please Note: This item can only be shipped to the Continental United States.

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Jerry makes a comfortable living concentrating on two major racetrack ‘profit centers’: The Trifecta, and the Pick 3. In Betting & Beating The Exotics, Jerry will show you step-by-step exactly how a horseplayer can realize serious profits from these types of wagers.

Also, winning Pick 3 and Trifecta configuration strategies; the ‘Box’, and when to use it; the fabulous ‘Key-Horse’ plan, and loads of other great insights from one of the game’s Exotic-betting ‘kings’.

The Candy Store has grown larger the age of Exotic wagering is so much upon us, that many pros have dropped the ‘straight’ win bet as a viable profit wager! The rewards are so much greater in the Exotics, and that’s where the ‘smart’ money is heading!
- Jerry Samovitz
Bringing Home the Jackpots by Jerry Samovitz

A book that gives you a step-by-step procedure for assaulting JACKPOT POOLS This book gives you the necessary mathematical edge over your fellow bettors to enable you to possibly turn substantial profits. It is again, as in his other books, the author’s obsession to make a profit at the horseraces. The Superfecta approach is new, unique and extremely lucrative. It is completely original and a huge advancement over existing approaches. Here is the road for Bringing Home the BIG ones.

Please Note: This item can only be shipped to the Continental United States.

I do have the Jerry Samovitz books and feel they are a must read for any handicapper hoping to turn a profit. I know Jerry is a professional who actually practices what he preaches which give his writings.
- A.U.
Out of the Red Into the Black by Jerry Samovitz

One of the best books covering the subject of bankroll management and betting psychology ever written! This excellent text is ‘required’ reading for handicappers at every level of the game. The money-management strategy Jerry lays out is not only simple, but is the first we’ve seen that will get the player thru an enormous losing streak relatively unscathed! You’ll see your game improve immediately..

Please Note: This item can only be shipped to the Continental United States.

Jerry Samovitz wrote Out of the Red/Into the Black in 1993 and it’s still selling today. If you’re a beginner or just don’t have a structured wagering plan to use, you should read what Out of the Red/Into the Black says about managing your bankroll.
A quantum leap in handicapping consciousness.
- The Cramer-Olmsted Report
Daily Racing Form
- A major breakthrough in handicapping