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Turn Your Personal Computer Into The Handicapping Magician!

Now You Can Get The Companion Software To Michael Pizzolla’s Best Selling Book Handicapping Magic

We’ve developed a computer software package that does all of the calculations described in Handicapping Magic.
The Handicapping Magician™ software comes to the rescue by making it faster to handicap a single race or multiple tracks. It’s a beautifully written Windows 95/98/NT program.

  • It calculates the Fulcrum Pace™ for the race
  • Calculates the Pace Balanced Speed Rating™ for every line in every horse’s past performances.
  • It will calculate the Projected Power Fraction™, the handicapper’s ultimate secret weapon, for every line.
  • It will allow you to set the Form Cycle Window™ for each horse—based on your judgment, following the guidelines in
  • It will select the correct ratings for each horse based on your Form Cycle Window.
  • It makes an odds line for the race.
  • We’ve even included all the races from the book so you can use them for practice!

The Handicapping Magician™ uses the exported file from your Post Time Daily™. So there’s no need to buy another file —- if you use the Post Time Daily™, you’ll already have everything you need!

The Handicapping Magician software is available instantly
via download to your computer, and the price is only $97.  

Click below to get The Handicapping Magician
software delivered right to your computer for $97.

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