ValueCapper: Black Magic 2.0
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Post Time Daily 2.0™
Now you can discover a new world of handicapping success with the breakthrough Post Time Daily 2.0™ software. Improve your handicapping and join the winners using the world’s finest online race form.
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Remembering Michael
A tribute to the founder of Post Time Daily and ValueCapping, Michael Pizzolla.

Why Choose Us?

Richly Featured
We feature some of the most richly featured handicapping software anywhere! Post Time Daily 2.0™ and Black Magic: The Ultimate Handicapper Software™ feature numbers crafted from extensive databases to take your handicapping to the next level.
For Handicappers By Handicappers
Post Time Daily 2.0™ and all Value Tech Software was developed by Michael Pizzolla, noted thoroughbred handicapping author, and a talented team of experts in ValueCapping.
User Friendly
Our products are built to be simple to use without being a computer ‘geek’. Our software’s ease of use lets you focus on making great investments at the track.
Decades of Experience. Quality Data From Equibase Company

Value Tech, Inc. is an authorized licensee of Equibase Company LLC, the data arm of The Jockey Club and the official source for thoroughbred racing information. Michael Pizzolla and the team at Post Time were the first ones to put a full-featured racing form on the web back in 1994, and have been developing software and data since 1990.

Read what others say

  • Hi Michael, I wanted to take a moment and congratulate you on an incredible program. Unfortunately, with TMM handicapping was becoming a chore. As you pointed out, it took a lot of brain power to sift through the hundreds of races to find the nuggets worth playing. Then you had to check for patterns, reversals, etc. And….many times after doing the work it was clear that it was a pass race…but a lot of good brain power was expended in making that decision. In short, the joy of handicapping was drained away. However, with Black Magic, handicapping is a real joy again. All of the tools and more are at our fingertips and it is rather a simple procedure to see if a bet is available.
  • WOW! Finally after 4 years going to many contests I achieved my goal and won the (2008 Orleans Handicapping Championship) tourney. I cannot say enough about Black Magic. Unbelievable. I have been using TMM since its beginning and was a weekend TMH user. I only received Black Magic 3 weeks ago and the winners have been plentiful.
  • I have been playing the horses for about 20 years and can count my winning days on one hand. I figured that spending money at the track was like having a car payment. Then along comes Black Magic: The Ultimate Handicapper and changes everything. Just received the software this week, reviewed the first five DVDs and hit a $17.00 horse at Turf Paradise yesterday. Next thing I know, Black Magic nails the 5th and 6th races at Santa Avocado. Congrats and thanks to Michael and Mr. X for helping me get rid of the “car payment”. WOW!
  • Michael: I watched the DVDs that came with the program again last night. What hits me over and over is that BLAM is a freaking tiger of a program – amazing energy that, should you learn how to harness it, could lead to great things for your handicapping and ROI. I’ve never said this about a handicapping program EVER, but I truly believe that Black Magic will completely change the way I play the horses. Congratulations again.
  • My only criticism of Michael is that in my opinion Black Magic is grossly underpriced. Considering the quality of the product, the obvious hundreds of hours that has gone into creating it, and the professionalism of the instructional videos, it should have been twice the price. I feel truly fortunate to have discovered MP’s products and approach to handicapping and the people who I have met being involved in my handicapping journey. Thanks Michael!
  • Good morning Michael. I simply had to write to you – thank you Michael – for your vision, for your dream, for all of your hard work over the 20 years, for “staying the course” to accomplish this lifetime goal, and most of all, thank you for sharing it with some of us. I am “blown away” by what you have created in Black Magic – simply brilliant!
  • L.F., Nevada
  • R.A., Canada
  • D.L.V., California
  • P.T., California
  • T.M., California
  • D.L.S., Wisconsin