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Our thousands of satisfied customers have told us that the Post Time Daily 2.0™ has dramatically improved their handicapping and made the game more fun. Discover the 7 reasons it can do the same for your game, then download the Post Time Daily 2.0™ and get started today on a new world of handicapping enjoyment!

7 Reasons To Choose The Post Time Daily 2.0™


Post Time Daily Selections 

The Post Time Daily 2.0™ includes the Post Time Daily Selections. Based on four sophisticated computer programs, these selections provide a solid foundation for successful handicapping and will simply amaze you with how spot on they are. (click here for more info)


2. Advanced Speed Figures™ 

The Post Time Daily 2.0™ is the only product with the Advanced Speed Figures. Based on Post Time’s proprietary formulae, the Return On Investment of these Figures outperforms the most popular conventional speed figures. (click here for more info)


3. Post Time Pace Ratings™ 

At the click of a mouse, you can display  our proprietary Post Time Pace Ratings. You get an Early Pace Rating, a Late Fraction Rating, and a True Pace Rating. The True Pace Rating is not just a final time rating, but a measure of the True Pace of the horse’s performance. All the hard work is done for you, as these Post Time Pace Ratings are adjusted for track to track, distance to distance, turf to dirt, etc. (click here for more info)


4. Ultimate Sire Ratings™ 

Only Post Time Daily 2.0™ has the Ultimate Sire Ratings™. The best mud and turf numbers in the business, hands down. (click here for more info)


5. World Class Customer Service 

By phone or email, if you have problems or questions about our website, software, billing, etc. we’re here to help and we speak in plain English, not Technobabble. Most of us at PTS are horseplayers, and we treat you the way horseplayers SHOULD be treated. We’ll give you world class service whether you’re a weekend warrior or a major league investor at the race track. (click here for more info)


6. The Best Value in the Business 

With never a minimum or membership fee, and current PPs priced at $1.50 per card or less, our race cards are a great value. Combine that with the large number of 3rd party programs which use the same data and this is an unbeatable value. (Unlike some other services where each program seems to require a different file at an additional charge.) (click here for more info)


7. Comma Delimited Export Files 

The Post Time Daily 2.0™ Comma Delimited Export Files can be used in dozens of programs without any additional charge. Buy one file and use it in many of the fine software products we offer, including Black Magic: The Ultimate Handicapper Software™ and the Handicapping Magician. 

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