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The Ultimate Sire Ratings™


THE Ultimate Sire Ratings™ are the most complete and accurate sire ratings available. More than 15 years and the genius of a remarkable man, Dan Serra, have gone into their development. For years, they have been used exclusively by a small group of privileged (and well-paying) horseplayers. But Post Time and Post Time Daily, always looking for ways to improve the games of our customers, have prevailed upon the master, Dan Serra to make his ratings available exclusively to Post Time. We can now offer you the best, most profitable, easiest-to-use grass and wet track sire ratings anywhere.

All the work (and believe us, the work involved is enormous!) and calculation has been done for you. These numbers can really give you the edge you need. And remember-they’re available only in the Post Time Daily 2.0


You go to your favorite track or race book. You’ve done your handicapping and are waiting with great anticipation the starting of the races. And then…Mother Nature intervenes. The skies open up. A deluge. Within ten minutes the track is covered with water, sloppy as the day is long.

Is all of your handicapping down the drain? Not if you use the Ultimate Sire Ratings™. A simple number will tell you at a glance whether the horse you’re handicapping is bred to run well on a wet track. And unlike other mechanically produced ratings, the Ultimate Sire Ratings™ are personally updated by the world’s leading expert Dan Serra as much as three times a week-that’s right a week, not once every three months like other ‘turfer and mudder’ numbers!


You want to play a big pick 6 carryover at a track you’re handicapping. Or maybe you love two of the legs of a pick 3. The only problem is that one of the races you have to play is a maiden race full of first time starters on the grass. Now, if you rely only on speed or pace handicapping, you’re going to be either hitting the ‘all’ button, costing you lots of money, or you’re going to pass the race, and with it the chance for a giant score.

Again, the Ultimate Sire Ratings™ come to the rescue. A number printed with each horse’s Post Time Daily 2.0™ past performances will point out the horses that are bred to run superior grass races. Imagine how far ahead of the crowd you’ll be! Even ahead of the crowd that uses inferior, mass-produced numbers.

Ultimate Sire Ratings™ are a result of Dan Serra’s 15 years of research. We have over 18,000 individual sire ratings in our database. That’s far superior to anything else out there. And our broodmare ratings are light years ahead of the competition.

Ultimate Sire Ratings™ are a combination of the rating of the horse’s sire, grandsire, and broodmare sire. No other rating can even come close. No other breeding expert can match Dan Serra’s expertise or tenacity and meticulous work in keeping these numbers the absolute best in the business. Not even close.

And best of all, the Ultimate Sire Ratings™ are yours free and exclusively in the Post Time Daily 2.0™.