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The bold speed figure in the Post Time Daily is our exclusive Advanced Speed Figure. Like the Beyer Speed Figures, it is an attempt to measure a horse’s final time performance in a single number.

The Advanced Speed Figures™ range from a low of zero (actually, it’s possible for a horse to have a negative number, but we report those as zero) to a high of about 125.

One point difference in the Advanced Speed Figures™ is approximately equal to one length. (This is in contrast to the Beyer Speed Figures where about 3 points is a length in sprints, 2 points in routes).

The method used to make Advanced Speed Figures™ is the basic one used to make all good speed figures. One thing that we can say is that the process involves less subjective judgment than the Beyer Speed Figures. 

We think these numbers are quite good. Bear in mind that they are different than the Beyer figures. And just that alone should be an advantage. Not because the Beyers are bad numbers. But because they are overexposed and many players use them. So using a good quality speed number which is not as widely available may give you an advantage in nabbing those longer priced horses which the public will sometimes overlook. We invite you to give them a look. And let us know what you think.

Unsolicited email below:

Just a little note to thank all of you for your Advance Speed Ratings which gave me the following winners at Del Mar this meet.

Thanks again Rich

Nikawa $33.60

Futuristic $14.40

Moving’s Gold $21.80

Mega Gift $79.60

Apalachee Ridge $29.40

Kimora $31.40

Yazzero $24.80

Breko $32.80

J Cash $35.80

Fortifier $10.60

Lonesome Dude $23.00