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Learn the real inside secrets of how to manage your money at the track the way the big Wall Street boys do in the market.

  • How to use an oddsline properly (works with any computer or hand made oddsline)
  • How to adjust your betting decisions for errors in your odds line
  • Why your biggest overlays may be your biggest mistakes
  • Why validated oddslines and 50% overlay concepts are wrong
  • The truth about the stupid public

Note: If you have purchased The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ you already have received this as a bonus item.

Michael Pizzolla
Michael Pizzolla, President of Post Time Solutions, Inc. is the author of the best-selling book Handicapping Magic and the classic Pace Makes The Race.

Michael has also created state of the art DVD trainings in handicapping, including Mastering The Art Of Handicapping And Value Investing, the Advanced Mastery Course, and the new ValueCapping Academy.

Michael, an attorney by training, turned his attention to computers and thoroughbred racing. He has been hailed as one of the true pioneers of computer handicapping.

In 1994, Michael created and invented the original online racing form, then called the Handicappers’ Daily Racing Form. Micheal’s company was the only one to have ever published the Beyer Speed Figures® other than the Daily Racing Form©.