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Charles Carroll
Author of Handicapping Speed: The Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Sprinters, and Speed Handicapper® software.
Charles Carroll was born in Boston and was educated at Boston University, Suffolk Downs, and Rockingham Park. After serving in the Army Presidential Honor Guard, where he stepped on President Johnson’s foot, he was shipped to Viet Nam and became a Psy-Ops Operator. He later did his graduate work at the University of New Mexico, Ruidoso Downs, The Downs at Albuquerque, and Santa Fe Downs. He is an anthropologist by profession, with a specialty in Native American issues. His various publications are used in environmental law courses, religious seminaries, and by degenerate gamblers around the world.

In the early 1970s, while handicapping the mixed Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse meets in New Mexico, he developed an extremely profitable method of calculating speed that cross-cut both breeds and eliminated the need for parallel time charts. This approach and the concept of “Betting In The Money” were introduced in his book, Handicapping Speed: The Thoroughbred And Quarter Horse Sprinters. The Speed Handicapper® software series is based on his speed theories.

He has developed Version 5.0 which is available from Post Time Solutions, Inc.