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Our premium software products, Black Magic and ValueCapper, make use of a physical license key, or USB “dongle”. This dongle serves to protect both the company’s intellectual property as well as you, the customer, and your investment in these products.

In the event that your dongle is lost, stolen, or damaged through neglect or mistreatment, a new dongle can be issued at a cost of $200 ($150 for the physical replacement + $50 for reprogramming and reassignment of license). Please keep in mind that each dongle we issue allows any individual to use the software without restriction. As such, we want to ensure that only licensed users have access to these devices.

Though not common, it is possible that a dongle can become defective over time. If you believe this to be the case, please contact support at If your dongle is deemed to be defective, a replacement will be sent to you. Please return the defective dongle to our office within 15 days to avoid a replacement charge.