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Michael Pizzolla’s Killer Tool Box of Revolutionary And Easy-to-Use Techniques Can Turbo Charge Your Handicapping Dramatically And Start A Torrent Of Racetrack Cash Heading In Your Direction…

Are You Ready To Get Serious About Making Real Money From Horse Racing With A State Of The Art DVD Home Study Course AND A Personal Lesson From Michael Pizzolla?…


The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™’ The Ultimate Home Study Course In Handicapping!

Finally, You Can Quickly And Easily Learn Michael Pizzolla’s Advanced O.P.M. Formula™

For Total Success At The Racetrack, Get A First Look At The Secret New Handicapping Software That Will Soon Be Sending Shock Waves Throughout The Thoroughbred Racing Industry, Plus Walk Away With Over $1,500 In Free Bonuses!

100% Guaranteed…

Dear Handicapper and Friend:

If you’ve ever dreamed of having the unshakable confidence, the absolute feeling in your bones that you could walk into any racetrack or race book in North America and know exactly how to walk out with real profits in your pocket, then this may be the most important letter you’ll read this year.

Post Time Solutions is proud to present TheHandicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™’. It is truly the Ultimate Home Study Course In Handicapping Magic, 100% Guaranteed to show you how to put real profits in your pocket…And these techniques are so simple…

You’ll be able to start using these strategies immediately after you watch these amazing DVDs!

If you are really ready to have your interest in horse racing begin to pay off big time, then The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™ and Michael Pizzolla will show you exactly how.

Michael Pizzolla: The “Handicapper’s Handicapper” Will Show You Exactly How To Start Making The Races Pay!

Many of you already know Michael Pizzolla—author of “Handicapping Magic” (copies of which are now going for upwards of $300 on and eBay). Former Wall Street lawyer, professional world-class sleight-of-hand magician, Michael has emerged as the nation’s leading handicapper and teacher of horse race analysis.

Michael’s been teaching handicapping and leading seminars for over 20 years. He’s known as a handicapping visionary–conceiving the first full-featured on line past performance and partnering with the venerable
Daily Racing Form® to publish the Daily Racing Form® on line in 1995, before the Internet was what it is today.Michael was one of the earliest pioneers of computer software for handicapping and is the genius behind some of the most widely respected Thoroughbred racing software on the planet.

But, Michael’s not some ivory-tower author:he’s a professional level player who lives and breathes handicapping and wagering and is consumed with showing you exactly how to turn your passion for horse racing into real money quickly and easily! For example at one of Michael’s seminars, he put his money where his mouth was and produced $14,026.30 in Documented Monster Scores! And Michael Is On The Record Producing $36,917.20 Of Documented Scores In 12 Racing Days! And Michael is passionately committed to teaching you how to make these kinds of scores from your own handicapping.He has designed the Ultimate Home Study Course In Handicapping Magic:

The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™’. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what some of the folks who were there live for the Handicapping Magic Mega Seminar had to say:

Hello Michael: I attended your Mega Seminar in Las Vegas in October and had a great time…It took me a few weeks after I returned home to get out of my own way, but when I did the bombs started coming in.They have continued to come in almost every day at every track I try. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that these Advanced Form Cycle Patterns would be so unbelievably productive. About 2 weeks ago I had a horse at Aqueduct that paid $106…I do not know what to say except Thank You so much.
A.G., Oregon
Dear Michael,I enjoyed your 2006 seminar like I always do, I love the way your programs work …Thank you for teaching me to be a better handicapper!…I was at Portland Meadows on the 12th of March doing some work and went to the races. Found some value at PHA and TUP using both your program and Dan Serra’s Professional Handicapper. PHA had a reversal Type l in the 10th race going off at 16 to 1… It paid a nice
$35.20 to win and the RW ended up 4th as the favorite. 2 to 1 or 16 to 1 where’s the VALUE? You’re amazing Michael Pizzolla!! Good Luck with everything! Your friend!
T.V. California

The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™’ Finally Reveals To You The Most Powerful And Closely Guarded Professional Secrets For Making Real Money At The Racetrack

The majority of this amazing Ultimate Home Study Course In Handicapping Magic was recorded live at the latest Las Vegas Mega Seminar.Michael has received scores of letters and emails from those who were there in person telling him how they can now easily take races apart and quickly and easily find the juicy value bets that get results — sometimes astonishing results.

Michael has organized all of this information into an extremely powerful ‘Seminar In A Box™’.He says that if you’ll give him a couple of days of your time watching these amazing DVDs, you’ll start having the results you’ve dreamed of, 100% guaranteed. How is that possible?
How can you learn all of that in just a couple of days?

Well, for one, Michael’s been teaching handicapping for over 20 years.In these DVDs, he will carefully and logically take you throughthe exact mental process he uses to find the best value bets.Best of all, he’ll show you all of his killer tips, tricks, and shortcuts to get to the heart of a race in minutes.

And here’s the exciting part: Michael has finally revealed…

The Advanced ‘O.P.M’ Formula™ That Will Have You Taking Even The Toughest Races Apart In Minutes And Quickly And Easily Finding The All-Important MoneyHorse!

The MoneyHorse. This is Michael’s term for the key horse,the ‘go-to’ horse that separates the pros from the frustrated bettors. In The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™’ Michael will show you exactly how he finds these plays. The Advanced ‘O.P.M. Formula™ isn’t some ultra-complicated nonsense that would take a nuclear physicist to figure out.No way.It’s a shockingly simple way of looking at the races in a totally new way, a way that will have you focusing on the horses that can put real racetrack cash in your pocket.

Yes, it’s true. This one technique can unlock for you the treasure trove of profits waiting for you day after day in the past performances. You’ll learn how to instantly categorize every horse in the race.You’ll know how to stay away from the also-rans and the sucker horses, and focus in like a heat-seeking missile on the MONEY HORSE in the race.

Michael has told us that if a player got nothing else out of the entire Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™’ except the Advanced ‘O.P.M.’ Formula™, it would still be worth at least ten times the cost of the entire package.That’s how strong it is.

But There’s So Much Incredible Material In This Ultimate Home Study Course In Handicapping That You’re Likely To Learn More FromJust One Viewing Than You Could In Five Years Of Tedious…And Expensive…Trial And Error

For example, you’ll be among the select few to hear one of Michael’s pet secrets about Form And Condition.This is not some pie-in-the-sky theory. In Fact, When You Understand The Crucial Distinction Between Form And Condition It Can Literally Be The Turning Point In Your Handicapping! Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll learn in The Handicapping
Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™’…

  • Why Almost Everyone Is Dead Wrong In How They Handicap A Race
  • The Power Of Outrageous Handicapping:How To Find Golden
    Opportunities in Races ‘Experts’ Ignore: What Works And What Doesn’t…
  • The Real Purpose Of Handicapping Software:Discover How To Best Use Handicapping Software And How To Avoid The Dangers Of Computer Handicapping!
  • How Handicapping Like A Master Of The Game Can Motivate You To Be Healthier And Happier In All Aspects Of Your Life
  • How To Make Your Handicapping More Creative, More Elegant, And Yes, More Fun! (Wait until you hear Michael destroy the myth of the steely-eyed, stressed-out ‘professional player’.)
  • A Specific, Practical Technique To Harness The Incredible Power Of Your Innate Inner Knowing And How To Use It In Your Handicapping (If There Is One Infallible Source Of Racing Information, This Is It!)
  • Specific Techniques For Win Betting And Exotic Betting (Michael is an absolute wizard when it comes to exotic betting, and at this Seminar, he’ll share with you the one most important concept for structuring profitable exactas and trifectas.)
  • Learn To Supercharge The Handicapping Skills You NOW Have To Crush The Race Track Windows (Discover how you can once and for all stop wasting time chasing useless systems and complicated numbers.)
  • How To Hone In With Laser Like Focus On Only The Best Value Bets And
    Stop Destroying Your Bottom Line With Wishy-Washy Ineffective Bets!

At Long Last You’ll Learn The Simple Yet Powerful Techniques That WillTransform You Into A Lean, Mean,Profit-Making Machine!

Have you ever found yourself running around in circles in your handicapping, chasing tricks, tactics and “sure-fire systems”?This is not only a waste of time, money, and energy, it’s costing you profits big time!

Have you ever had a great day handicapping yet still didn’t manage to make any money?Have you ever ‘beat yourself up’ for doing something ‘wrong’ when you missed a race and be tempted to change your approach and start experimenting with something that would have ‘gotten’ that
race? It’s an endless and frustrating vicious cycle.

Maybe the most important thing you’ll learn from The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™’ is how to integrate all aspects of your handicapping and betting from the very basics to the very advanced patterns and tactics into a system that would let us multiply our profits while working less!He calls this approach…

The Grand Unified Theory Of Handicapping For Value…

This Revolutionary Approach To Racetrack Investment Will Allow You To Handicap With Elegance, Ease, Total Certainty, And Can Send Your Profits Into The Stratosphere... Yes, you’ll learn the incredible power of Michael’s Advanced Form Cycle Patterns—and learn several brand-new Advanced Form Cycle Patterns. But more importantly, you’ll learn one thing that will forever transform the way you look at a race.You’ll learn:

The Secret Behind All Advanced Form Cycle Patterns

In these stunningly beautiful DVDs, Michael not only reviews his ground breaking Advanced Form Patterns, he introduces two new patterns that will knock your socks off. But because he is such a gifted teacher, it may surprise and astonish you when you hear him make it all so simple for you.

Here’s a fact for you.Most handicappers get confused and overwhelmed with so many techniques and details that they forget what they’re handicapping for in the first place.

STOP and ask yourself:What if there was one technique, one approach that you could apply quickly and easily to any race and know in seconds where the money was? And ask yourself this… What if that approach made all the pieces of the puzzle fit together for you automatically?

How valuable would it be to understand the purpose behind every

technique in Michael’s awesome arsenal—not just the ‘what’ but the ‘WHY’? Those of you who have heard Michael speak know that he’s not only a gifted handicapper, he’s a superb teacher.He’ll make these concepts and techniques so simple to understand and use, you’ll be able to start applying them right away.In this complete package, You’ll Be Getting Over 30 Years Of The Best Thinking Of One Of TheMost Talented Handicappers On The Planet Downloaded Directly Into YourBrain So You’ll Apply Them Almost Automatically! Remember, you’ll be learning from the best of the best. This is a truly rare opportunity to learn from a professional level player. Most of them are simply not talking

Are You Truly Ready For Results Like These?. . .

You’ll see Michael pick live races and how he just shrugs as three of the races he handicapped live produced a $16.40 winner, a $21.60winner, (along with the $57.20 and $159.00 exactas) and a 21-1 key horse that finished second and completed a $332 exacta. You’ll see this as it happened live, up-close and personal.

And there’s more of this hard-hitting material—you’ll actually get to look over Michael Pizzolla’s shoulder while he takes apart several cards of races with live races!You’ll see exactly how he selects which races to take apart and which ones to pass completely.

This is truly the Ultimate Home Study Course In Handicapping.Here are some of the other things you’ll learn when you order The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™’…

  • How To Find Your Purpose In Handicapping: How This One Insight Can Transform The Way You Play The Game
  • Learn How To Profit From The Public’s Mistake Of Calling Horses ‘Quitters. This is another ‘price of admission’ revelation.
  • Spotting The ‘Sucker’ Horse And Avoiding It Like The Plague
  • How To Find A Horse That Looks Good On Paper But Doesn’t Have A Shot In The Race: What you don’t know about the ‘performance bounce may be costing you a bundle!
  • The Crucial Importance Of The Second Race Back: This is a
    money-making secret that is known by only the sharpest bettors.
  • Defeating The Three Enemies Of The Handicapper: Peer Pressure, Approval And Security
  • NEW BONUS PATTERNS: Learn About The Power Of The ‘NOLO’, The ‘SGAL’, THE ‘CRS’, And The ‘HAL/DTB’. Just one of these patterns was sold not too long ago for over $1,200!
  • Why Understanding That There Is No One Isolated Factor In
    Handicapping Can Put Cold Hard Racetrack Cash In Your Pocket.
  • Learn The Modern Way To Profit From Early Speed.
  • Hear Michael’s Insights Into Jockey, Surface, And Distance Changes.
  • How You Can Quickly Spot A ‘Prep’ Race.
  • Learn Dan Serra’s Secret Of The ‘Turf Tightener’
  • 3 Exercises That Take Only Minutes That Can Make A Huge Difference In Your Handicapping And Bottom Line.
  • A ‘Late At Night, Roll Up The Sleeves, No Holds Barred Question And Answer Session: You’ll Be Amazed At What You’ll Hear.
  • The Overriding Importance Of Selecting Which Races To Bet:
  • Why Numbers Or Price Alone Is Not A Good Enough Reason To Bet! AND…

You’ll Learn All Of This And Much More!

For The First Time, Michael Has Revealed The Seven Components Of The ‘Dream Bet’! These are by far Michael’s favorite plays, and in TheHandicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™’, he will show you how to find them.He calls them ‘Dream Bets’ because they only show up once in a while, but when they do they can make your year.In fact… Michael Will Show You Exactly How He Found One Of These Dream Bets In A 7 Horse Field That Paid $57.80!


In The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™’, Michael Will TeachYou A New Five Star Reversal Play That Is Destined To Become One OfYour Prized ‘Go-To’ Money Makers! Michael’s mailbox is stuffed with thank yous and tales of monster scores resulting from his first Five Star Reversal Play.In this Ultimate Home Study Course, he will teach you his new Five Star Reversal that has the potential of being the most potent weapon in your handicapping arsenal. This new pattern is even easier to spot!

Plus, You’ll Get A Sneak Preview Of The New Handicapping Software That Michael Has Been Working On For The Last 7 Years!

This software has only been whispered about. It has been kept closely guarded. We can tell you that Michael says that the software will utterly amaze anyone who’s serious about making professional level profits from handicapping.

This Software Completely Freaked Out A Hard Core Racing Insider!

Absolute Fact.One of the two people Michael showed this software to is a hard-core Vegas insider who has seen it all.

He rolled his eyes when Michael said that he wanted to show him a handicapping software program that would make him say “WOW”. After about 2 minutes, this no-nonsense sharpie looked Michael square in the eye and quietly said one word: “Wow!”

The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™’ Is The Ultimate HomeStudy Course In Handicapping.And we’ve got an offer for you that willget it for you at half-price PLUS get over $1,500 in FREE BONUSES!…Here’s What You Get: The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box’™:
A Complete Library Of 14 Professionally Produced DVDs
Post Time Solutions Inc. is presenting Michael’s teaching on professionally recorded beautifully produced DVDs.The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box’™ DVD Library is a set of 14 full-length, professionally produced DVDs.The production quality is so good, you’ll want to watch these over and over. There are Chapter Headings, so you can quickly go to your favorite part to review! These DVDs were mainly recorded at a live seminar, and you’ll feel like you were right in the room with Michael!Now, you can have Michael ‘on call’ by popping in one of these 14 beautifully produced DVDs into your DVD player orcomputer!

When you order this amazing set of DVDs, you’re going to learn so much valuable information that you can use right away to put real racetrack cash in your pocket. You will finally learn a streamlined approach tocatching really great overlays that will fatten your bankroll! And not only that, this information is presented in an entertaining and interesting style that will make learning these advanced concepts easy and fun! After you watch the very first DVD, you’ll know that you’re in for the handicapping ride of your life. This information will vastly improve your game. And when you learn Michael’s trademarked Advanced O.P.M.Formula™, you’ll finally know the feeling that you can drop in anywhere races are running and walk out with a pocketful of cash.

We’ve been told that if we sold these DVDs for $100 each, we’d be practically giving them away.At that rate, the cost would be $1,400—and there’s no doubt these DVDs could be worth many times more than that to you.But keep reading—we’ve got a very special deal for you…

The cost for all 14 professionally produced DVDs—The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box’™ DVD Library, a $1400 value, is only $997.But, please, read on—we’ve got an incredible deal for you. But if you order in the next 14 days, your cost is only $497…AND YOU’LL GET OVER $1,500 IN FREE BONUSES… When you order The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box’™ DVD Library, you’ll get 7 incredible bonuses and a Super ‘Mother Of All Bonuses’.That’s right you get well over $1,500 ABSOLUTELY FREE! These bonuses make this a TOTAL IMMERSION COURSE that will practically force feed these techniques into your mind so you’ll use them almost

Bonus Number One:The Colossal Handicapping Magic Mega‘Seminar In A Box’™ Reference And Study Guide. This is a giant manual giving you the summary of every technique that Michael teaches you on this incredible course. There are dozens of instructional races with summaries that let you know which of the killer techniques Michael teaches was responsible for grabbing the profits.

You’ll see monster longshots, huge exactas, and of course 4-figure trifecta scores complete with copies of Michael’s tickets. Plus, there’s a concise summary of all of the major techniques to guide you. If sold separately, this manual could easily sell for over $200, yours free when you order The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box’™. Bonus Number Two: The Total Immersion Data CD. The tech gnomes at Post Time have produced a Total Immersion Data CD with every past performance file and result chart of every race in the ‘Seminar In A Box’. Buying this data separately could cost well over $100. Taking the time to comb through the races to find these examples could take you months of time and hundreds of dollars of data—not to mention the time involved.

We’ve called this the Total Immersion CD because when you load these races into your computer and software, you’ll follow along step-by-step as if YOU were handicapping right along with Michael!

With Michael guiding you through every nuance of his killer techniques on the DVDs and study guide, you’ll also have the races right on your own computer so you can TOTALLY IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE FEELING OF MAKING A GREAT HANDICAPPING SCORE. And you’ll find yourself accessing this feeling when you start applying the principles—you’ll find yourself having real AHA! moments when you look at races.

This ‘Seminar In A Box’™ and the Total Immersion technology of learning will hard wire the techniques of a winning player right into your mind. Those who have seen this material tell us that they actually remember the material ALMOST AUTOMATICALLY when they’re handicapping, and it’s been responsible for making monster scores. And there’s much more... Bonus Number Three:The ‘Secrets Of Handicapping Magic Mini Seminar’ DVDs:A Two Hour Course In The Real Secrets Of PBS AND PPF.

We predict that this beautiful 2 DVD Set will clear up all your questions about the basics of Handicapping Magic. You’ll hear Michael review the basic techniques of Handicapping Magic, tell you where they came from and explain why the concepts of velocity, position and value are built into the PBS and PPF numbers! You’ll be amazed at how much technology is involved in such simple numbers! There are several points about these numbers that Michael has never explained before, and we think you’re going to be amazed. This 2-DVD set could easily sell for $200 on its own, and be a bargain at that!

Bonus Number Four:The New ‘Seminar In A Box’Toolkit You’ll get the completely revised worksheets for organizing your handicapping and betting. There’s the Card Overview, The Investment Tracker, Investment Timer, and Mega Seminar Worksheet. This Worksheet has a very important message and question for you to ask yourself before each bet. If you apply this technique before making every bet, we guarantee you’ll see a significant increase in profits! Bonus Number Five:The ‘Mega Seminar In A Box™’ Strategic Library:

Four Classic E-Books On Strategy And Mindset Yes, you’ll get the full original version of 4 classic e-books that will give you invaluable insights into handicapping. From the wisdom of James Allen, Sun Tzu, Epicetus, and Herman Hesse, these e-books will delight, inspire, and most of all give you a fresh perspective on your handicapping strategy.

Bonus Number Six:The Pro’s Private ‘Quick And Easy’ Method Michael’s long time friend and handicapper extraordinaire, Bob Harris, will teach you his new ‘quick and easy’ method. This method is for those using a software program, but don’t have a lot of time to handicap. Or for those days when you just want to have a ‘social’ day at the races, yet invest in solid bets. Bob is a no-nonsense, nuts and bolts handicapper that is interested in only one thing: results. In this presentation, you’ll hear Bob’s exact personal method, including his new ‘Rules Of Four’.

There’s no price we could put on getting a professional-level player’s private method (many hundreds at least)—suffice it to say that a winner of a handicapping tournament credits Bob’s method to his victory. And there’s more… Bonus Number Seven:A Full Length DVD On Secrets Of The ProfessionalHandicapper™ Elite Edition With Dan Serra And Len Czyzniejewski This is a rare chance to get inside the head of one of the sharpest handicappers anywhere—Dan Serra. Dan has forgotten more than most experts will ever know about handicapping. He’ll teach you how to integrate his ‘non-number’ insights into your handicapping. Learn the ‘real deal’ on jockeys, trainers, workouts, turf races, off tracks and much more. And you’ll hear Len Czyzniejewski revealing the results of his 108,000 race research study! This will astound you. He’ll also give a sneak peak of the new Professional Handicapper™ Elite Edition that incorporates his ‘Super Study Points’ with Dan’s Professional Plays. And in this live presentation, you’ll hear how, right on cue, the only play on the Santa Anita card that day card romped home at $11.00. All of this plus…


Yes, we’ve saved the best for last. If you order in the next 14 days, you can have Michael Pizzolla’s first lesson in his Personal Lesson Series ABSOLUTELY FREE. Michael has recorded his voice and his computer screen so when you play the special Personal Lesson DVD, it’s just like you and Michael sitting down and handicapping together. The first lesson is all about how to recognize patterns instantly. Included is an assignment that Michael will review personally and give you personal feedback and instruction via email directly from Michael. This first lesson is the core to really getting good at instantly recognizing patterns, and the personal guidance from Michael is invaluable.

We could easily sell just this lesson and follow up from Michael for $300. But it’s yours free if you order in the next 14 days

Want to know just how powerful this Personal Lesson is? Here’s what one of the live Mega Seminar attendees had to say after he completed Michael’s Personal Lesson:

Michael, I received the DVDs this morning (March 30, 2007) and wentright to your Personal Lesson.I went through the lesson and then practiced.Well, on tonight’s card at Mountaineer, I found a Perfect Type I.It was 10-1 on the board, but drifted up to 16-1.I hooked it up with the logical horses, and made a very large score, as the horse paid $35.20 and the exacta paid $278.80. Thank you so much for these techniques and for the Personal Lesson—I’ve never really felt ‘the bet make me before this lesson.
S.M., Colorado

Yes, the very same day he watched Michael’s Personal Lesson, he found the exact kind of pattern Michael taught and recognized it instantly! Every $40 investment ($20 win and $5 exactas) returns a whopping $1,049.00!!! We Know That You’ll Love The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In ABox™’—And We Guarantee That With Our Iron-Clad, No Questions Asked, Better Than 100% Money Back Guarantee! Here’s our guarantee: Order the package now, watch and listen to the DVDs, and practice the techniques. If you’re not 100% thrilled, for any reason, or no reason at all, just return everything within 30 days for a prompt and cheerful refund. No hassles. No delay. We’ll still be friends.

And listen to this: you can even keep Michael’s Personal Lesson, a $300 value, with our compliments.

Chances are you’ll realize that just one of Michael’s advanced techniques could be worth many times what you invested in the Course. And when you see one of those horses come romping home at a price, wild horses won’t be able to pry the course out of your hands!

The normal price for The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™’ is $997—much less than what just the DVDs could sell for… But if you order in the next 14 days, you’ll only pay $497 for the complete Course and bonuses! And if you chose, you can pay in three easy monthly installments of $167.

That’s right–For only $497, $900 less than the cost of just the DVD Library, you get:

A.G., Oregon
  • The Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box™’: A Complete Library Of 14 Professionally Produced DVDs (a $1400 value); and
  • The Colossal Handicapping Magic Mega ‘Seminar In A Box’™ Reference And Study Guide (a $200 value);
  • The Total Immersion Data CD (a $100 value); and
  • The ‘Secrets Of Handicapping Magic Mini Seminar’ DVDs:
    The Real Secrets Of PBS AND PPF (a $200 value): and
  • Michael’s Pizzolla’s Mega Seminar Worksheet Kit; and
  • The ‘Mega Seminar In A Box™’ Strategic Library: Four Classic E-Books On Strategy And Mindset (A $100 value); and
  • The Pro’s Private ‘Quick And Easy’ Method (easily worth $500 to the time-pressed player)
  • The Secrets Of The Professional Handicapper™ Elite Edition DVD With Dan Serra And Len Czyzniejewski (a $100 value); AND…

The ‘Mother Of All Bonuses’:

The First In Michael Pizzolla’s Personal Lesson Series! (A $300 value).

This is a package which could cost close to $3,000.00 if purchased separately but can be yours for only $497 if you order within the next 14 days. SO, If you want to get in on this opportunity, you must act NOW. We are authorized to extend this special price for the next 14 days. We have to warn you that demand for this package has been tremendous—Handicapping Magicians who’ve heard the buzz about the ‘Seminar In A Box™’ have been calling every day asking when it would be available.

Virtually everyone who attended the seminar has snapped one up. Once the first batch is gone, it could be quite a while before more are available. Plus, the price will double. And we know that the day after this letter goes out the phones here at Post Time will be ringing off the hook and these Courses will be flying out the door.

So, if you’re really serious about producing professional-level profits with your racetrack investments, act now!

P.P.S. Remember, the normal price for this package will be $997, but if you order in the next 14 days, you’ll get this package valued at almost $3,000 for only $497, and you can pay in three easy monthly installments of $167.

P.P.S. Remember, the normal price for this package will be $997, but if you order in the next 14 days, you’ll get this package valued at almost $3,000 for only $497, and you can pay in three easy monthly installments of $167.

Sold Out – Out Of Stock