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Announcing A Once In A Lifetime Chance To Learn What Has Been Called The Handicapping Breakthrough Of The Century

Post Time Is Proud To Present:

The Master Magician ValueTech™ Mega Package

Learn How You Can Skyrocket Your Racetrack Profits And Find The Best Value Bets In Seconds With The Master Magician ValueTech™ Mega Package

Now You Can Be One Of The Lucky Few To Discover The Revolutionary ValueTech™ Breakthrough And See Michael Pizzolla Handicap And Crush Live Races Plus Get The Top Secret Software He Personally Uses To Beat The Pari-Mutuel Game—Absolutely Free!
Dear Handicapper and Friend:
You may not realize it, but you are about to learn about the most exciting breakthrough in handicapping in decades. It’s called ValueTech™. And we’re going to tell you how to get a mega package of handicapping materials that will supercharge your handicapping profits.

If you enjoyed The Master Magician™ Software Package, you’re going to be amazed by ValueTech—it’s like The Master Magician™ on steroids. (And you’ve got to be a registered owner of The Master Magician™ to accept this invitation to racetrack nirvana. If you’re not—what are you waiting for? Click here to find out more about The Master Magician™. If you can’t wait, and want them both at once, keep reading, because we’ve got an amazing deal for you.)

The Master Magician ValueTech™ Mega Package is an unprecedented chance for you to learn the inner secrets of unlocking the hidden profits in horse race wagering.

With The Master Magician ValueTech™ Videotape Library and The Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module, You’ll Finally Understand And Use The Same Technology And Software That Allow Michael To Produce Stunning Documented Profits!

How stunning? How about a top rated ValueTech™ horse that romped home and paid $93 dollars to win? How about an ROI of $2.35? How about $14,026.30 in Documented Scores in 3 days?

It took almost three years, but Michael Pizzolla, author of Handicapping Magic finally his top secret technology and software for making professional level pari-mutuel profits.

Many of you know Michael through his groundbreaking book, Handicapping Magic, which has in a very short time become a classic in handicapping literature. Michael’s not just an author: he’s a professional-level player who lives and breathes handicapping.

Michael did it again at the Master’s Seminar In Handicapping Magic in October, 2002 in Las Vegas. For three days, he held an audience of over 200 participants spellbound as they revealed the true hard-core secrets to beating the game. Michael put his money where his mouth was and produced $14,026.30 in Documented Scores in 3 days! With the breakthrough ValueTech™ technology and software, YOU can look forward to results like this: On the Wednesday before the seminar, Michael hit two exactas—one for $223 and one for $377 using his famous “first time starter” pattern. This is one of 50 Exotic Patterns Michael reveals in the amazing ValueTech™ Videotape Library.

On the, using the ValueTech™ Software Module, Michael followed this with a $1,233.40 tri and in the very next race, hit an $84.20 horse, a $2 exacta that paid $1,091.40, the $1,680.20 trifecta and $2,422.00 superfecta!

Here’s what one seminar attendee had to say:
It Just Keeps Working!

“Michael, again thanks for all the information I received at the Seminar…we had a great time. It was profitable and the trip was Paid for from our winning tickets with very few bookmarkers. We had the perfect first time starter play at Aqueduct 11-08-02. $5,000+tri and almost $1,400 exacta. It just keeps working! Thanks!”

- S.E

And now YOU can learn these closely-guarded secrets!

During the seminar, Michael took a few dozen attendees to the race book during a break in the seminar and hit a $93 horse at Belmont with a signer exacta. It was one of SEVEN SIGNER TICKETS HE HAD OVER THREE DAYS OF BETTING! And that was just the beginning of a weekend of crushing the windows.

How profitable is this information? Well, how would you like to make $3,000 on your lunch break?

On the Saturday of the seminar, Michael was about to take his lunch break. But some of the seminar attendees had questions about some races at Belmont. Michael, being the consummate teacher, decided to spend his lunch break analyzing the races with the students. And he put his money where his mouth was.

He quickly saw that the ValueTech™ Software Module’s top choice, Quiet Ruler, in the 9th race might be a great value bet.

He led the charge of over two dozen students into the race book. Michael opened his laptop, input the live board odds into the new ValueTech™ Software Module. This confirmed his work, and he plunked down $50 on the horse, and took some exactas. The race went off, and the horse won AND PAID $93 DOLLARS TO WIN!!! Many of the students paid for their seminar with that one bet, and after the cheering and the excitement died down, something strange happened. They watched Michael collect over $2,000 on the win bet and almost $1,000 from a saver exacta bet. And they were stunned! Many of them had never seen a handicapping expert actually analyze a race beforehand, pick a super long shot, and bet real money on the horse. Virtually everyone (except one student who talked himself out of it) bet the horse and paid for their seminar and all their expenses. For many of them, it was the longest price horse they had ever hit.

It’s known as Michael’s $3,000 lunch break. And as exciting as that was, it was only the beginning!

No other handicapping expert or author that we know of will put themselves on the line and bet live races with real money in front of his students. Michael not only does this, but instructs while he does it, and wins! You see, Michael arranged to have the casino build a race book RIGHT IN THE SEMINAR ROOM—complete with betting windows and monitors for watching the races.

When you order The Master Magician ValueTech™ Videotape Library (more about this exciting package in a minute), you’ll get to see Michael in action on live races making real bets with serious money on the line in front of 200 Master Magicians!

How would YOU like to produce results like this in ONE DAY?

Michael pulled out all stops at the Sunday of the seminar. In the very first race he handicapped at Belmont, he hit a $488.00 exacta and took over $1200 out of the race. You’ll see him follow this with an $80.80 exacta, a $294.00 tri at Delaware, a $10.80 horse at Santa Anita, with the $62.6 exacta0 and $358.00 tri. Then back to Belmont with a $23.60 horse and $227.00 exacta. At the 7th at Santa Anita he took down a $25.20 horse, with the $145.60 exacta and the $1,245.00 tri! You’ll see him handicap and analyze these races, structure and make the bets, root the horses home, and collect the cash! And it seemed like Michael and half of the seminar had to fill out tax forms for the trifectas!

Most players would be thrilled to have a MONTH like this!

How did he pull this off in one day? The keys to this astounding success were the ValueTech concepts and… The Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module.

Listen. It’s one thing to watch a world-class pro in action and see him work his magic. It’s another thing to actually learn the techniques he uses to crush the races and to get the exact software tool he uses to do it! Many of you have heard the whispers and rumors about the top-secret Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module that Michael unveiled at the Seminar. It’s an amazing piece of software that can be integrated into The Master Magician Software. Here’s what it does…

The Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module looks at the strong contenders from The Master Magician and stacks them up against how the public should bet the race.

That’s the part of the game that not one player in 100,000 understands, yet is crucial to your bottom-line profits!

Look. This game is much more than just picking winners: it’s about handicapping your opposition—the betting public.

And here’s the really exciting part…

The Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module lets you PLUG IN THE ODDS RIGHT FROM THE TOTE BOARD TO SEE IF YOU’VE GOT ONE OF THOSE SUPER OVERLAYS —just like Michael did to hit that juicy $93 horse at Belmont!

That’s right—for the first time, the concept of the true overlay has been integrated into a software product that’s so easy to use, you’ll be amazed.

Those of you who use The Master Magician know that it is an enormous time saver. Well, The Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module takes all of the hard work out of finding the true overlays! Seeing this software in action is like watching the value code of racing being cracked before your eyes!

If you’re betting off track, and can’t use the live odds, this amazing software will work with the ValueTech™ Contention. And on the tapes, you’ll hear about a conservative way of using this software. This is very selective, but when it points to a win overlay, it is about the best bet you could ever make. He demonstrated this on the Sunday of the Seminar, producing a phenomenal $2.35 ROI!

And…The Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module uses cutting-edge technology to determine the running styles of the horses with The Master Magician Pace/Position Designator™

Unlike methods that use one method for determining this (like counting speed points), The Master Magician Pace/Position Designator™ looks at the complex problem of running style from several different approaches. Finally, you’ll get a true picture of running styles in the context of the race you’re handicapping. You also get The Master Magician Position Pointer™. This analysis will show you at a glance what the horses have done from the second call to the finish of a race. Now, at the push of a button you can ‘x-ray’ the race to see these crucial moves. The Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module includes a radical new ValueTech™ Contention Line and the revolutionary ValueTech™ Odds Line.

The heart and soul of Michael’s work has always been about finding the true value bets in a race. And the key to that is analyzing how the public should handicap a race.

For the first time ever, these insights have been integrated right into your odds line, to give you the most accurate and profitable way of finding the true value bets!

The Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module includes the ValueTech™ Analysis Screen. At the touch of a button, you’ll see how many unknowns there are in a race, and which horses have the right kind of ValueTech™ Ratio.

Never get ambushed by ‘inside’ betting action again!

When you type in the odds from the tote board, the ValueTech™ Software Module will analyze the significant betting action on the horses that might be great value bets as well as the action on the other horses that is unusual. You’ll never get fooled again by a horse that gets unusually heavy action because the ValueTech™ Analysis screen will flag these horses for you!

And you can use the Post Time Daily Chart files to see, right on your Master Magician screen, the win, place, and show payoffs, along with another screen that will show you the exotic prices.

The ValueTech™ Software Module includes ALL of Michael’s recently revealed Advanced Techniques of Handicapping Magic! That’s right; the advanced techniques that Michael taught at the seminar (and personally uses) right in the software!

The Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module sells for only $497, a fraction of what you’d expect to pay.

But keep reading—we’re going to tell you how to get The Master Magician ValueTech™ Module ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Many of you have heard about the phenomenal success of the seminar—the racing industry is abuzz with the news of its success. The great news for you is that this once-in-a-lifetime seminar has been captured on professionally produced DVDs. This is the closest you can get to being there: it’s just like personal training with Michael.

And you can see the scores that Michael made, videotaped LIVE, just as if you were there!

The key to these phenomenal scores is the The Handicapping Magic Value Technology™ and the Advanced Techniques of Handicapping Magic. Michael worked very hard to make this closely-held technology easy to use and understand.

This Information Will Put You YEARS Ahead Of Your Competition And There’s Only One Place You Can Learn It:

The Master Magician ValueTech™ Videotape Library

The good news for you is that this once-in-a-lifetime seminar was professionally videotaped. The Master Magician ValueTech™ DVD Library is a set of 10 full-length, professionally produced DVDs. The production quality is so good, you’ll want to watch these over and over.

You will learn so much from these DVDs that you will wonder how you ever made a bet without this information. You will finally learn how to catch the really great overlays that will fatten your bankroll! And not only that, this information is presented in an entertaining and interesting style that will make learning these advanced concepts easy and fun!

On these tapes, Michael illustrates races using the Master Magician ValueTech™ Seminar Module. You’ll see him do this on a monster 12 foot screen. Now you can watch Michael use the software step-by-step, and follow along without using your computer! It’s the next best thing to being there. And you’ll be able to watch these again and again to sharpen your skills!

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn with The Master Magician ValueTech™ DVD Library…

How to avoid the common mistakes in value betting. Do you still make these common mistakes in value betting? Do you just rate the horses and bet the ‘best number’?

Do you use the odds line from your software program to bet the horse that is ‘best’ on the odds line?

Do you just compare the odds line that you make against the tote board, and bet the so-called overlays? If so, you may be just throwing money away and missing out on some of the best opportunities in all of racing! Michael finally reveals his inner secrets of value betting. He’s made this so simple to apply that you will just shake your head at how easy it truly is! This is a lifetime of handicapping expertise presented to you in 10 beautiful videotapes. After watching just one of these tapes, you’ll know that you’ll be on your way to completely transforming your handicapping. With this groundbreaking DVD Library, you’ll not only learn the inner secrets behind The Handicapping Magic ValueTech™ Technology, but much, much more…

The Advanced Techniques of Handicapping Magic

Since the release of The Master Magician, Michael has been relentlessly researching and refining his techniques. For the first time in the Master Magician DVD Library, he reveals his Advanced Techniques of Handicapping Magic. Michael explains when to use PBS and when to use PPF. Never be confused again about which rating to favor. And here’s the key—it’s not just about the Pace/Position of the race. Michael explains when to use the LASST mode and when to use the Two Excuse Mode. Prepared to be amazed at how simple this technique is for understanding which Form Cycle Window mode to use. And Michael presents his famous PNP test in a way that will have you howling with laughter. Suffice it to say that you will never forget what PNP stands for! Michael explains when you should use turf lines in a dirt race. (It’s more often than you think!) Michael explains the simple yet subtle adjustments you must make when you are handicapping maiden races! And Michael shows you the optimal odds balance to use in the Master Magician Software. Remember—all of these techniques have been integrated into the new Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module, so that will be automatically incorporated into your handicapping! If you learned nothing else from The Master Magician DVD Library, these techniques would be worth ten times what you paid for them. But there is so much more!

Yes! It’s True! The Results Are In!

Here Are A Few Of The Many Unsolicited Testimonials We’ve Received From Players Just Like YOU About The Master Magician ValueTech™ Mega Package!

Winning week after week…
Michael-I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed winning week after week…(no kidding a $600 exacta last week), or seeing the favorites run out in a pressure race…makes it a new day. I think about writing all the time and figure you get enough. So I write after the 7h at Suffolk today. Nobody gets the $50 winner without your magic! Anyway-Hats off to you guys. All my best
Massive increase in Return on Investment…
I just completed doing my ROI stats and so forth for the months of Nov. and Dec. There has been a major improvement in my game. I have gone from negative $.10 to positive $.25. My bankroll increased by over $600
during this period and my win bets went from $5 to $10 without any change in results. The Masters Seminar and software upgrades were essential in helping me improve my game. Your words of wisdom about the other part of the game were even more essential. I am now making bets like a warrior and staying out of more races. I have actually managed to hit about 20% of my exactas using your simple techniques… also hit win bets on a number of horses going off at 10-1 or more! Michael, thank you so much for your help and encouragement. I am really
having FUN playing the races these days…
- E.A.
A $517 exacta at Calder…The Value Tech software is awesome.
The seminar video was fantastic. Take a look at Calder on the 28th of DEC. The 8th race. there were multiple vtrs in the race, but the top horse and the fulcrum horse combined to pay a $517 exacta… The “Value Tech” software is awesome.
- B.C.
45-1 and 25-1 on the same day…
Michael, I just have to let you know how grateful I am to have read the book, listened to the tapes and attended the seminar. This game has gone from an expensive exasperating endeavor to a joy with REAL hopes for improvement and perhaps even profit. The psychology of the game and your feelings of self worth (in regard to the game only) are so tied up in the results that to make this leap is wonderful. Yesterday with a 45-1 at Tampa race 8 and a 25-1 are two more horses I NEVER would have had without you folks. While I still sit when I should walk sometimes and vice versa I do not wobble!!!! The seminar is what got me over the top but for others it could be something in the book or the tapes. I was somewhat skeptical at first but I believe brother I believe!!!
- D.A.
Scores on very first race…thanks for a great tool…
Michael, on Saturday, 1-11-03 at Suffolk, 1st race, first time I played a race there, the race came to me like you said. The 1 was the top rated horse at 25-1, the 7 was the second top rated horse and the Fulcrum. I had the 1 to win–$56. Also the exacta 1-7 for $232 for $2. And the tri—I went 1-7-/2-3-4 and it came in 1-7-3. $2 returned $912.60. I had to sign for that one. Thanks for a great tool. Also the video tapes of the seminar are fantastic, they are a great help to me. Thanks!.
- D.B.
$55.20 horse and $37.60 horse on the same day…It is no fluke!
I had quite a day at Gulfstream yesterday (as I am sure you did as well!) I caught two great win bets…the lone S in the Heavy Pressure 2nd race ($55.20) and the same tune with the 4 horse in the 8th race ($37.60)…Again, thank you for all your help…The last seminar and the new software has really turned things around. It has been three months now that I have been a high return, winning horseplayer. It is no fluke! I could not have done it without you…
- A.E.
The tapes are better than I hoped they would be—fantastic!
Dear Michael: I received the copy of the seminar tapes just before Christmas last year and have been meaning to let you know just how good they are, but I’ve been too busy watching them. They are better than I hoped they would be. I’ve
watched the complete set 3 times and am ready to start again. In fact I probably spent more time watching the tapes than going to our local simulcast facility… But when I do go, my handicapping certainly has improved. I owe it all to the seminar and the tapes. I can hardly wait to attend another one your terrific seminars…
- D.E.
I can’t believe how much info there is in each tape…
Dear Michael, I just finished going thru the tapes. I can’t believe how much info there is in each tape and how entertaining (and often hilarious) they are! They have really refined my handicapping. You were excellent, as usual. So was Bob Harris… The seminar showed how to use the Master Magician according to our individual styles, whether conservative, extremely daring, or somewhere in between. When is your next seminar? Thanks again
- G.D.
Winning week after week…
Michael-I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed winning week after week…(no kidding a $600 exacta last week), or seeing the favorites run out in a pressure race…makes it a new day. I think about writing all the time and figure you get enough. So I write after the 7h at Suffolk today. Nobody gets the $50 winner without your magic! Anyway-Hats off to you guys. All my best
- G.C.

How You Can Know In An Instant If A Race Is Worth Betting

Michael gets extremely excited when he hears from a Handicapping Magician who tells him that they are finding it easier to pass races. Without a doubt, cutting out those terrible bets is a major key to winning at the game. In the DVD Library, Michael will show you techniques for spotting these horrible bets in seconds. If you learn nothing else from this DVD library, this one concept will be worth—CONSERVATIVELY—a hundred times the cost of the tapes.

How YOU Can Structure Exotic Bets Like A Pro!

Watching Michael put together exacta, trifecta, and superfecta combinations is like watching great artist paint. He often says that it’s more art than science, and he is definitely an artist in structuring exotic bets.

But here’s the good news.

He’s actually taken the time to slow down and analyze why he’ll put together certain combinations and avoid others. Now, you can learn how to put together the exotic bets that can trigger enormous payoffs.

Michael will also teach you the secrets of when to use the “fundamentals” of a race to structure an exotic bet and when to use “value” to structure an exotic bet.

Michael teaches that ‘the bet arises from your handicapping’. Well, in the Master Magician DVD Library,

Michael reveals to you in detail how you can develop amazing exotic bets from your handicapping!

Now at last you’ll have a mental toolkit that will let you structure exotic bets with ease.

Michael has outlined 50 Exotic Patterns that he uses that are keyed to the output of the Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module. He spells these out in great detail in the giant 168 page manual, and gives specific examples on the tapes.

Finally, you can see and hear and sense how a virtuoso exotic bettor puts together his bets. This is a part of the DVD library you’ll watch over and over again!

You’re likely to learn more from the Master Magician ValueTech™ DVD Library than you would learn in five years of trial and error! Here’s just a sampling of what else you’ll learn:

  • The ‘no-brainer’ race—How to spot those easy, no-problem races and how to bet them for maximum profit
  • How to use horses that the public will always overlook in exotic bets—You’ll learn how to spot those horses that don’t have a great shot to win, but have a great chance to complete a monster exacta, trifecta, or superfecta
  • Secrets of the Heavy Pressure Race—How to make the most profit from these races, and when to stay out!
  • The ‘real deal’ on trainer ‘patterns’
  • How to spot the last race reversal for incredible profits
  • When to use the Fulcrum Horse in your bets—even when they don’t have good numbers!
  • The optimal mindset for winning play
  • How a winning player who uses Handicapping Magic plays– learn his tips and tricks from real life play
  • How to use the randomness of racing to your advantage
  • How to adopt the Warrior/Magician frame of mind to make you an unstoppable success at the races
  • And much, much more…

The Master Magician ValueTech™ DVD Library is like a post-graduate education in value betting!

When you truly understand ValueTech™, you’ll find yourself laughing to yourself when you hear other players quibbling about racing trivia while you quietly pocket fistfuls of cash.

You’ll learn precisely how to use your odds line, your assessment of the public, and the actual odds to unleash the awesome power of ValueTech™.

This information will completely change how you bet the races. You’ll feel like you’re legally stealing money from the racetrack!

If you paid $200 for any one of these tapes, you’ll feel as if you got an incredible bargain. Many of us have watched just one

DVD on horseracing that we paid almost $100 for and felt very disappointed.

The cost for all 10 volumes in The Master Magician ValueTech™ Videotape DVD Library is only $497. But, please, read on—we’ve got an incredible deal for you.

When you order The Master Magician ValueTech™ DVD Library, you get 4 incredible bonuses ABSOLUTELY FREE!

 Bonus Number One: The Colossal Master’s Seminar Manual. 

This is a giant 168-page manual brimming with cutting-edge information, and dozens of instructional races using The Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module. Each race is a case study, and the important points are spelled out for you on each race. And of course, there are Michael’s tickets and signers!

The manual also details Michael’s 50 Exotic Patterns so you can refer to them over and over again. And there’s a complete explanation of his Advanced Techniques of Handicapping Magic!
 Bonus Number Two: The $14,026.30 Bonus Seminar Report. 

This eye-popping special report documents the scores that Michael made that long weekend. You’ll see Michael’s tickets and signers—and just the ones he shows us tally up to an unbelievable $14,026.30 in DOCUMENTED SCORES over three days of betting! If you want to see hard evidence of the kinds of results that ValueTech™ produces, you must have this report!

 Bonus Number Three: The Legendary ‘Race Book In The Seminar Room’ Video Footage On DVD 

This is the ‘insider’ video footage where you can see Michael at the betting windows. It’s a truly virtuoso performance. This footage is raw and presented as it happened—so you can feel like you were there in person. You’ll be given the rare opportunity to look over their shoulders and peer into their thinking as they crushed the races that day.

But we’ve saved the best for last!

 Bonus Number Four: The Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module

That’s right! When you order the ValueTech™ Videotape Library, you get the ValueTech™ Software Module ABSOLUTELY FREE.

This software puts ValueTech™ into your Master Magician Software and has a Quick Start Guide right on the CD! This is the exact same software package that Michael personally uses every day to crush the races! It sells for $497 if purchased separately (and could sell for much, much more), but you get it absolutely free when you order the Master Magician ValueTech™ DVD Library.

< IMPORTANT: You must be a registered owner of The Master Magician Software to get the ValueTech™ Mega Package. If you’re don’t own The Master Magician™, what are you waiting for? Click here to get The Master Magician™, or if you’d prefer to get them both at the same time, click here for an incredible special offer.

You’re going to love The Master Magician ValueTech™ Mega Package—and we guarantee that 100%!

The Mega Package is covered by our iron-clad, no-questions-asked, 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Order the package, watch DVDs, use the software. If you’re not 100% thrilled, just return everything within 30 days for a prompt and cheerful refund. And the $14,0256.30 Bonus Seminar Report is yours to keep.

For only $497, the cost of just the DVD Library, you get:

  • The Master Magician ValueTech™ 10-tape DVD Library
  • The Colossal 168-Page Master’s Seminar Manual
  • The $14,026.30 Bonus Seminar Report
  • The Bonus ‘Race Book In The Seminar Room’ Video Footage
  • AND The Master Magician ValueTech™ Software Module!
This is a package which would cost well over $1,700.00 if purchased separately, but can be yours for only $497.
And if you’d prefer to pay in three installments, the Mega Package can be yours for three easy monthly payments of $166.

If you want to get in on this extremely rare opportunity, you must act NOW.

We have to warn you that demand for this package has been tremendous—Handicapping Magicians who saw Michael’s virtuoso use of this software at the last seminar have been calling every day asking for the software and DVDs.

So, if you’re really serious about producing professional-level profits with your racetrack investments, act now!

Sold Out – Out Of Stock