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“Now You Can Finally Learn How To Handicap And Bet Like A Pro, Grab Major Racetrack Profits With 77% Less Effort, And Learn Michael Pizzolla’s Personal Approach To Handicapping Magic. . .”

Post Time Solutions, Inc. Is Proud To Present:

The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™

Dear Handicapper and Friend:

If you are interested in supercharging your racetrack profits, slashing your handicapping time, finally understanding the innermost secrets of the game, and enjoying yourself more than ever, this may be one of the most important letters you’ll ever read..
Here’s why.

Michael Pizzolla, one of the nation’s leading handicapping experts and author of Handicapping Magic has developed a ground-breaking course called The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™

Imagine having one of the country’s great handicappers revealing to you in detail the killer plays he looks for—The exact plays he uses to get the money day in and day out, year after year!

After two years of pleading with Michael Pizzolla to get him to do a seminar, something happened one day that inspired him to reveal his most closely-guarded techniques. At the time, we didn’t know what it was (we’ll tell you in a minute, it might sound familiar). But we watched as he worked for months preparing. When we asked what he was doing so intensely, he told us very casually,

“I’m going to reveal the exact techniques and specific plays that allow me to produce professional-level profits—and I’m going to make it easier than ever.”
Our jaws dropped…

Michael wasn’t kidding. And what’s more, not only has he revealed his “Personal Power Approach To Handicapping Magic”—his closely-held inner secrets of Handicapping Magic to make almost obscene pari-mutuel profits,

“He’s Made It Easy For You To Learn How To Boost Your Profits By Developing A State Of The Art
Handicapping Course: The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic!

In this total immersion Course, Michael Pizzolla will reveal to you the inner secrets of becoming a Master of Handicapping Magic. Imagine having one of the best handicappers on the planet, a pro that uses these same secrets to crush the pari-mutuel windows, take you step-by step through his exact approaches to grabbing fistfuls of racetrack cash. You’ve got to know this: Getting this kind of professional advice is almost unheard of at ANY price—top players simply do not give away their inner thinking on the game. But other players don’t have Michael’s motivation to create true ‘Masters of the Game.’

And here’s the best part. When you get The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™, you’re going to learn something that Michael’s been told he’d be crazy to give away: his personal plays that he uses every day to get the gold. That’s right, Michael Will Reveal His “Personal Power Portfolio” Plays—

These Are The Specific Plays He Looks For

(And Usually Crushes) Every Time He Handicaps…

Listen. Most pros would sooner have root canal than reveal their personal “go-to” plays. Imagine having 5 of Michael’s personal—almost automatic—keys that will tell you that a solid score is right around the corner. You’ll never handicap the races the same way again when you know these closely-guarded plays!

And guess what? Having a Personal Portfolio will focus your work and allow you to make more handicapping profits with less work—guaranteed! Michael will show you how to create your own portfolio. Until you do, you’ll have Michael’s personal plays as a start. You’ll zero in on the best plays on a card, and throw out the races that the suckers play.

Now you can focus your work on the handful of races that will make you most of the profits.

Bottom line?

Less work, more profit.

No more wasting time on the hundreds of races a week that offer no value. You’ll be focusing on those sweet, easy-as-pie races that offer the opportunity of longshot BOMBS and major scores. How sweet? How’s this?… You’ll see an example in the Course of a race at Northern California that Michael spotted that was right out of his play book. He happened to be passing by the Gold Coast race book and saw Dan Serra, the thoroughbred breeding and handicapping expert. Dan was talking with an acquaintance of his about Michael, and right on cue, Michael showed up. Michael shared his analysis of the race. Michael’s key horse paid $51.60, the exacta paid $442,

and the trifecta was a whopping $8,126.60!

Once you know the secrets of Michael’s Power Approach, races like this will jump off the page at you in record time. You’ll make more profits with much less work. Now if you’re like us, you’re probably wondering…

Why would Michael give away solid 24 Karat handicapping gold? Several sharpies told him that this material was almost too strong to reveal at any price. He sat us down and explained to us that he’s playing the game at a much higher level than ever before in his life. And that a big component of that was helping others be successful.

You should have seen Michael’s face when he learned that… One of his students, using his unique handicapping skills, Handicapping Magic, and The Master Magician™ and Professional Handicapper™ software, just won the $400,000 first prize in the World Series of Handicapping .

And do you know what he told Michael was one of the keys to that $400,000 win? It was being able to focus on the races that could produce the really solid value bets. The reason this made Michael so happy is that his idea of Mastery is not only mastering the handicapping game himself (which he’s done and demonstrated for years), but in creating other Masters of the Game! He believes that’s a huge part of his creating personal value in the game But guess what? It wasn’t this huge win, but a heartbreaking losing day that inspired Michael to finally reveal step-by-step his favorite profit-grabbing techniques..

How A Hard Luck Horseplayer’s Losing Day Inspired One Of The Best Handicappers On the Planet To Reveal His Most Prized Secrets. . .

A handicapper called Michael and asked him to comment on his work on a card of races that was to run the next day. Michael asked how he did his work. Like most handicappers, he said he started at the first race, found a couple of possibilities—morning line favorites—but noted them anyway. On the whole card, he said he found only one race that was a definite pass…a race with first timers. And he found an interesting turf race, the ninth, that he thought might be a good value bet.

Michael’s comment was that

many of the races were filled with obvious chalk, but the ninth race was indeed a good possibility.

Don’t Let This Handicapping Nightmare Happen To You. . .

The next day, Michael got a call with the post mortem. Our intrepid handicapper got to the races, found his horses in the first race at 2-1 and 5/2, decided to bet the exacta, and his horses finished 2nd and 3rd.

He tried to beat the 4/5 shot in the second, but did so with an improbable longshot that finished nowhere. He squandered another few bets on marginal races in the middle of the card. Then he made two or three ‘action’ bets on other marginal races, hit a ‘saver’ exacta in one race that breaks him even on that race, but loses the others. In the 8th race, he didn’t ‘believe’ the top rated horse; it paid $32.40 to win.

When he came to the ninth race, he was feeling like a loser, and was exhausted from all of the betting and bad beats. And what’s worse, he didn’t have much cash left to bet.

The key horse won and paid $33.00. He missed the exacta and trifecta. Why? He didn’t notice that the place horse, the fourth rated horse, was also a certain type of pattern that Michael tells you about in the Course. And that horse was ‘only’ 4-1 and he ‘needed to make a score’. That horse triggered an exacta that paid $191.20 for $2 and a trifecta of $2,310.00! Instead, our friend cashed the small win bet he made, lost the exotic bets, and left with less than he started.

That’s the wrong way to do it—and if this sounds familiar, run to the phone, call Post Time, or click on cart to order and get this Course NOW! Listen. . .Here’s How A Pro Works—And How You Will Work When You Use The Power Packed Techniques Of The Advanced Mastery Course:

Michael took one look at that card, and decided that that the race he discussed was a ‘Portfolio’ race, and offered a chance for a score. Then he applied the simple techniques he shares with you in the Course to that race. The exacta and tri would jump off the page at you!

Our hard luck handicapper spent three hours on this card of races. Instead of wasting his time on marginal races, Michael spent about 15 minutes on this race, and maybe another 15 minutes on the other races, noting one or two as possible plays at a price. Michael’s day?

He lost one race, hit the $32.40 horse, and then crushed the $33.00 Turf horse, as well as several nice $191.20 exacta tickets and the $2,310 trifecta. This Is How Your Handicapping Can Be When You Learn The Secrets Of The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™. Once And For All, You’ll Learn How To Handicap And Bet Like A Pro With Less Work And More Profit.

Bottom line?

Solid profits from not a lot of work.

When he heard the hard luck story, Michael was shocked. He couldn’t understand how the player could have a losing day while he had a spectacular day. Michael thought about this intensely, and was inspired to design a Course that would put an end to those gut-wrenching days once and for all.

From this ‘hard luck story’ was born The Advanced Mastery Course. You see, Michael realized that he didn’t spend just 15 minutes on that race, but 31 years and 15 minutes!

Over those years, as he refined his “Personal Power Approach”, Michael has developed a handful of very specific “Advanced Form Power Patterns” that are a tip off that a horse may not only run well in its next start but is very likely to run well at a price… Once You Learn Michael’s ‘Advanced Form Power Patterns’ You’ll Suddenly See Things In The Past Performances That Will Absolutely Astonish You!

These are simple and powerful. Heck, guys in togas were probably using variations of these to make fortunes in the chariot races. Michael has spent years devouring everything written by everyone in racing, from the most popular to the arcane and obscure. He’s tested them, discarded 99.5% of them, and kept only the best of the best.

There’s really no way to put a price on these. All the work is done for you—for the last 31 years, Michael has been researching, testing, getting everything written on handicapping—some very rare and expensive, and then testing with real money on the line. After all of this time, effort, and expense, he’s revealing to you some of his very favorites.

You won’t have to remember long lists of obscure plays. Michael will reveal three of his very best Advanced Form Power Patterns: The Powerful Type I, Type II, and The Power Class Move (with some killer super plus patterns). These are the very best of the best that Michael has found to work day in day out. You’re going to love these Advanced Form Patterns and want to use them in every race you handicap. And when you find them in one of Michael’s Personal Power Portfolio races, you’ll feel like you’re stealing money from the racetrack. In fact, when you combine Michael’s ‘Personal Power Portfolio’ with the ‘Advanced Form Power Patterns’ you will have... Without A Doubt The Most Solid, Money-Grabbing
Professional Plays Ever Revealed.

It’s almost impossible to “figure out” these critical secrets on your own—Michael has spent literally decades researching and betting, at one stretch working 18 hours a day, 6 days a week for 3 straight years, finding out what works and throwing out the rest. He’s done all the hard work, and because he’s dedicated to producing a few true Masters of the Game, he’s sharing these simple, powerful techniques.
It may not be possible for you to imagine just how huge the difference in your game will be after you study this Course. It will take your breath away. Because when you get The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™, you’re finally going to learn one of the most crucial skills for making profits at the track:

How To Develop An Uncanny “Feel” For The Races And Unleash Your Creative Powers To Find The Best Value Plays On Any Card Of Races Here’s something you must know. Getting a personal ‘feel’ for the races is much more valuable—and profitable—than playing by mechanical rules. But how you do develop ‘feel’? The first thing is to find someone with a great feel for the game. We’ve got to tell you that Michael is a master at this—his feel for the game is simply incredible. To help you develop this ‘feel’, he’ll teach you how to prepare to handicap, how to practice (yes, you can practice to get really good at these techniques), how to think about the races like a pro, how to know what races to get into (and which to stay out of), and how he finds the opportunities that can lead to huge scores. And…how two new never revealed before tools will almost force your mind to develop an uncanny ‘knack’ for finding the best value plays more easily than ever. In The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™, Michael will disclose to you two simple, easy-to-understand tools that will take your handicapping, your confidence, and your profits to levels you have only dreamed of because HOW you use your ratings is a thousand times more important than the ratings themselves! You’ll learn The “Power Target Technique”—This Technique Can Make Some Races So Clear, They Practically Handicap Themselves!

Let’s face it. There are many decisions you need to make in a race. And sometimes making those decisions can be tough. But when you learn Michael’s “Power Target Technique”, and find one in a race, many of those calls become very simple.
That means that you can focus on the few crucial remaining calls in a race so you’ll be able to tell in an instant whether you have a race to pass or a race that has the potential of a bombshell, month-making, monster score.

And…as part of his “Personal Power Approach” Michael reveals The Incredible ‘Power Connector Technique’ That Will Uncover Key Win And Exotic Horses In Seconds. . .

What’s more Michael’s Power Connector Technique will show you when you have a messy race that will eat up your cash…or when you’ve got a super clear, ‘go for the jugular’ opportunity. And…Michael’s “Power Connector Technique” will help you with how to integrate the PBS ratings with the PPF ratings, even if you’re favoring one set of ratings in a race! It’s simply amazing how such a simple procedure can make such a huge difference in your handicapping.

And there’s much more in The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™

Maybe the most remarkable thing you’ll learn when you study this Course is Michael’s “Personal Power Approach” To Handicapping Magic.

Just last week, Michael and a long-time student of his work who was visiting Las Vegas sat down at a race book to see what the evening races offered. Within minutes, Michael had spotted a race right out of his Personal Portfolio with an extra bonus Advanced Form Power Pattern. The student just shook his head when the horse came off the pace as predicted, and paid a whopping $62.80 to win.
This play was right out of the Michael’s playbook that he will reveal to you in The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™. This is a take-no-prisoners approach to grabbing profits from the pari-mutuel windows: it’s Michael’s Personal Power Approach to the game.

Listen. . . Michael Pizzolla’s “Personal Power Approach”

Will Give You The Actual Bare Knuckle Techniques That Almost FORCE You To Handicap Like A Pro!

This information contains the real techniques of making scores that will have your heart pounding—and how to do this simply and elegantly—like a Master. Michael’s “Personal Power Approach” to Handicapping Magic is truly a Master’s Approach—one is guaranteed to make a core difference in your own handicapping and how you think about the game.

Whether you’re a high-tech handicapper or a pen and paper player, this Advanced Mastery Course could be the turning point in your handicapping career. To put it simply: If you really apply yourself to the techniques of this Course, you will gain the ultimate skill— How to earn rock-solid profits anywhere, anytime, thoroughbreds are running by following and practicing a few simple-to-understand, super-charged strategies!

The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™ is like being personally instructed by one of the brightest, most articulate handicapping experts alive today. You’re going to be very proud to own these professionally produced and beautifully presented DVDs, CDs, and massive study guide. You’re going to be able to watch, listen, and learn at your convenience. What Michael will teach you about the ART of handicapping in The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic could take you twenty years of hard work to discover on your own.

When you order The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™, here’s what you get:

The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™:

A Complete Library Of 14 Professionally Produced DVDs For the first time ever, Post Time Solutions Inc. is presenting Michael’s teaching on professionally recorded beautifully produced DVDs. The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™ DVD Library is a set of 14 full-length, professionally produced DVDs. The production quality is so good, you’ll want to watch these over and over. These DVDs were recorded at a live seminar, and you’ll feel like you were right in the room with Michael! (We wish we could show you the live races at the Seminar, but they were rained out or scratched by the terrible weather caused by the hurricanes!) Now, you can have Michael ‘on call’ by popping in one of these 14 beautifully produced DVDs into your DVD player or computer

You will learn so much from these DVDs that you will wonder how you ever made a bet without this information. You will finally learn how to catch the really great overlays that will fatten your bankroll! And not only that, this information is presented in an entertaining and interesting style that will make learning these advanced concepts easy and fun! On these DVDs, Michael illustrates all the techniques of the Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™. You’ll see him do this on a monster 12 foot screen. Now you can watch Michael demonstrate these techniques step-by-step, and follow along as he unveils the real-world secrets of winning. It’s the next best thing to being there. And you’ll be able to watch these again and again to sharpen your skills!

In these professionally produced DVDs you’re going to learn more practical, step-by-step, easy to apply techniques to supercharge your handicapping than you could possibly imagine: For example:

  • How to “tune up” before handicapping…so your skills will be as sharp as possible so you can be a finely-tuned value-finding machine.
  • How to strip a race down to its bare essentials in minutes. When you apply Michael’s “Personal Power Approach”, you’ll be amazed at how the best value bets almost make themselves…
  • You’ll hear powerhouse presentations from two Handicapping Magicians on how they zip through races to focus in on the real value opportunities (two very different, but very effective approaches!)
  • And you’ll hear author Dan Serra, live, commenting on the real secrets of handicapping—hearing Dan is a true, and rare, treat!
  • How you can develop a Master’s level of toughness (so you’ll learn from every race no matter what.)
  • Why a simple change in your “mindset” will make the all the difference. (You’ll be so full of unshakeable confidence, you’ll be virtually unbeatable at the track) and…
  • Why you must understand how PBS and PPF ratings are calculated and how this may affect your Form Cycle approach in certain races.
  • The crucial factor of class and why not one handicapper in a thousand knows how to apply it correctly. (When you learn Michael’s approach to this crucial factor, you’re going to be flat out amazed.)
  • How to take a “Low-Tech” approach to “High-Tech” handicapping.
  • The crucial difference between “Rules” and “Principles” and why “Rules” make handicappers—and their computers—lose. And. . .How YOU Can Structure Exotic Bets Like A Pro Even With A Small Bankroll! Watching Michael put together exacta, trifecta, and superfecta combinations is like watching a great artist paint. He often says that it’s more art than science, and he is definitely an artist in structuring exotic bets.

But here’s the good news…

He’s actually revealing certain structures that work really well even if you’re using a small bankroll. Now, you can learn how to put together the exotic bets that can trigger enormous payoffs without taking a large number of combinations.

All in all… This Course Is Like Getting A PhD In Value Betting. .

After watching just one of these DVDs, you’ll know that you’re on your way to completely transforming your handicapping. This information will vastly improve your game. You’ll finally feel that you can drop in anywhere races are running and walk out with a pocketful of cash. We’ve been told that if we sold these DVDs for $100 each, we’d be practically giving them away. Even at $50 each, the cost would be $700—and these DVDs could be worth hundreds of times more than that to you.
The cost for all 14 professionally produced DVDs—The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™ DVD Library, a $700 value is only $497. But, please, read on—we’ve got an incredible deal for you.

When you order The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™ DVD Library, you’ll get 3 incredible bonuses ABSOLUTELY FREE! These bonuses make this a TOTAL IMMERSION COURSE so you can force feed these techniques into your mind so you’ll use them almost AUTOMATICALLY!

Bonus Number One:

The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™

14 CD Audio Library. This is a set of 14 full-length audio CDs that you can listen to in your car, on your computer or when you’re on the go to reinforce the information you need to know to finally get the upper hand on this game! Using BOTH Video AND Audio is the Optimal Way To Learn!

The CDs let you listen and learn when you can’t watch a DVD. In fact, research has shown that combining video learning with audio learning of the same material can lead to quantum jumps in your ability to learn and absorb new material.

Michael feels very strongly that using both video and audio is the optimal way to learn. The videos access the visual and hearing modes of learning—you just sit back, watch and listen as the material gets absorbed into your mind. The audios access the hearing and feeling modes. Pop the CD into a player, fire up your computer, and work the races as you listen. The 14 CD Audio Library sells for $300 if purchased separately, but can be yours absolutely free when you order The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™!

Bonus Number Two: The Colossal Advanced Mastery Course

Reference And Study Guide.

This is a giant manual giving you the summary of every technique that Michael teaches you in this groundbreaking course. There are dozens of instructional races with summaries that let you know which of the killer techniques Michael teaches was responsible for grabbing the profits. If sold separately, this manual could easily sell for over $200, but is yours free when you order The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™. Bonus Number Three: The Total Immersion Data CD

That Lets You Soak In These Lessons Like A Sponge!

We’ve produced a Total Immersion Data CD with every past performance file and result chart of every race in the Course. Buying this data separately could cost well over $100.

We’ve called this the Total Immersion CD because when you load these races into your computer and software, you’ll be able to follow along step-by-step as if YOU were handicapping the races! With Michael guiding you through every nuance on the DVDs, CDs, and study guide, you’ll also have the races right on your own computer so you can TOTALLY IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE FEELING OF MAKING A GREAT HANDICAPPING SCORE. And you’ll find yourself accessing this feeling when you start applying the principles of the Course—you’ll find yourself having real AHA! Experiences when you look at the races. This Course and the Total Immersion technology of learning will hard wire the techniques of a winning player right into your mind. You’ll Love The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic— And We Guarantee That With Our Iron-Clad, No Questions Asked, Better Than 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Order the package now, watch and listen to the DVDs and CDs, and practice the techniques. If you’re not 100% thrilled, for any reason, or no reason at all, just return everything within 30 days for a prompt and cheerful refund. No hassle. No delay. And you can keep the Audio CDs, a $300 value with our compliments.

Chances are you’re going to realize that just one of Michael’s advanced techniques could be worth hundreds of times what you invested. And when you see one of those horses come romping home at a price, wild horses won’t be able to pry the Course out of your hands!

And we’ve saved the best news for last. The normal price for The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™ is $497—much less than what just the DVDs could sell for… But if you order in the next 14 days, you’ll only pay $397 for the complete Advanced Mastery Course including all the bonuses! And if you chose, you can pay in three easy monthly installments of $133

That’s right–For only $397, less than the cost of just the DVD Library, you get:

  • The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™: A Complete Library Of 14 Professionally Produced DVDs (a $700 value);
  • The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™ 14 CD Audio Library (a $300 value);
  • The Colossal Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™ Reference And Study Guide (a $200 value);
  • The Total Immersion Data CD (a $100 value); and
  • Michael’s Pizzolla’s Personal Mastery Worksheet Kit

This is a package which could cost well over $1,300.00 if purchased separately (not to mention the $1,000 plus in expenses the seminar attendees had to pay to hear this material live) but can be yours for only $397 if you order within the next 14 days. SO, If you want to get in on this opportunity, you must act NOW. We are only authorized to extend this special price for the next 14 days.

We have to warn you that demand for this package has been tremendous—Handicapping Magicians who’ve heard about the Course have been calling every day asking when it would be available.

Virtually everyone at the seminar has snapped one up. Once the first batch is gone, it could be quite a while before more are available. Plus, the price will go up $100. And we know that the day after this letter goes out the phones here at Post Time will be ringing off the hook and these Courses will be flying out the door.

So, if you’re really serious about producing professional-level profits with your racetrack investments, act now! Order your The Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™ today at the special 14 day introductory price of $397. Right now, while it’s fresh in your mind, pick up the phone, call toll free at 1-866-722-3367 or 702-889-2814 and use your credit card to place your order. Or just send a check payable to Post Time Solutions Inc. for $397 to: 2900 South Rancho Drive, Suite 205, Las Vegas, NV89102. You may also order using our secure online order form. P.S. Please, if you want this limited time offer, act now. The last thing we want to tell you is that we’ve run out. If you’re serious about generating amazing profits from the races, with much less effort, pick up the phone and call us now toll free at 1-866-722-3367 or 702-889-2814 to order your Advanced Mastery Course In Handicapping Magic™ now!