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How To Handicap Horses Part 1: How Odds Work

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Part 1 of my original series on how to handicap horse racing.

Over the next several episodes I will be going over various strategies and methods to handicapping races to help YOU get on your way to picking winners! Great for beginners and intermediates alike!

Best of all, it is completely free! All episodes will be posted here on youtube.

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How to Handicap Thoroughbred Horse Racing: The Age Factor

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Learn the importance of the age of the horse when Handicapping Thoroughbred Horses.

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Thoroughbred Horse Racing Film: The Long Shot (1939) DVD

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Superb acting and a heartwarming story make The Long Shot just as enjoyable today as it did in nineteen thirty nine when it became a wildly successful at the box office. Amidst angst, strife, and downright maliciousness, thoroughbred racehorse trainers played by the stellar Gordon Jones and Marsha Hunt are determined to enter their prize horse in the Santa Anita handicap horserace. Against all odds, and against the persistent urgings of the mob, the horse will get his shot at winning the race. Capitalizing on the success of true story underdog horseracing champion Seabiscuit, The Long Shot is a marvelous feel good film that should be savored by all.

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Thoroughbred Horse Racing Art Prints

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A tour of what one will find on the website:

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