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The Master Magician™ Handicapping Software

How one of the nation’s leading handicapping experts missed a $37.20 horse, a $353 exacta, a $2721 trifecta, and a $10,281 superfecta and started making a small fortune at the racetrack!

“How You Can Slash Your Handicapping Time By 82%, Make Maximum Profits With Minimum Effort, And Start Quietly Pocketing Fistfuls Of Racetrack Cash—
100% Guaranteed…

Post Time Solutions is proud to present:

The Master Magician™ Handicapping Software

Dear Handicapper and Friend:
You are about to read about an amazing opportunity. Like many success stories, it was born from a whopping blunder made by a great handicapper.

You may not realize it, but in the next few minutes you’re going to learn the true secret to producing unheard of results at the racetrack.
As you may know, Michael Pizzolla is the author of the blockbuster bestseller, Handicapping Magic. It’s a book that’s gotten rave reviews and is still going strong!

Those of you who know Michael or have been to one of his legendary seminars know that he is a passionate, successful, professional level handicapper. He truly walks his talk. (Ask any of the hundreds of seminar attendees who wanted to hoist Michael on their shoulders after many had the best betting day of their lives!)

But, Sometimes Even The Best In Their Fields Drop The Ball!

Michael Jordan missing a free throw. Tiger Woods blowing a 4-foot putt. Mark McGwire striking out on a hanging curve ball. Michael Pizzolla missing an easy longshot.

Yes, Michael missed a ‘fat-pitch’ race that cost him thousands. It was a missed opportunity. And it spurred him to action. And that’s extremely good news for you!

You see, Michael usually prepares diligently for his assaults on the race books using the tools of Handicapping Magic. He has honed the skill of finding the best races to handicap: the ones that have the potential of tremendous profits. He leaves the other races to the amateurs.

Well, a while ago, Michael was selected to play on the U.S. team of an international golf tournament. He had a very important singles match on the Sunday morning of the tournament.

That Round Of Golf Cost Him About $15,000!

Pressed for time, he only glanced at the Aqueduct and Laurel cards to see if any races caught his eye. He neglected to use the then-secret software he had been developing for over a year to maximize the potential of Handicapping Magic. When nothing leapt off the page, he decided not to bet.
After his match, Michael looked at the new software. And one race looked extremely clear to him. When he found out the results, his jaw dropped. He had just missed a $37 horse, a $353 exacta, and a $2721 trifecta. What’s worse, no one had the superfecta (a $10,000 plus pool)—made up of the program’s top 4 horses!

Michael isn’t used to missing those opportunities. He decided that his secret project had to be completed immediately so that he never, ever missed a gigantic opportunity like that again!

From his blunder was born The Master Magician? Handicapping Software. This program will allow you to make professional level bets and profits quickly and easily.

Whether you are a handicapper looking to move to the next level of skill and profits or an expert yourself wanting to save hours of time, this program may just be the answer to your prayers.


The Master Magician Takes Handicapping Magic To The Next Level!

The Master Magician does all the techniques presented in the Handicapping Magic book. For those of you that have the Handicapping Magician software, you’ll note that The Master Magician does everything that software does, (PBS, PPF, Fulcrum) and much much more.

By the way, if you do own the Handicapping Magician software, we’ve got an incredible offer and savings for you—-we’ll tell you about that in a minute.

Here’s what else The Master Magician does. Imagine having all of this done for you automatically!

The Master Magician Opens Form Cycle Windows Automatically—in both LASST and Two Excuse modes!

With the Handicapping Magic Form Cycle Window— you know how far back in a horse’s record to go to get a rating on a horse.

Here’s the catch: It’s time consuming!

You need to open the Form Cycle Window of every horse. And on top of that, there are two great techniques explained in the book—the LASST technique that’s more conservative and the Two Excuse technique that looks for those longshot bombs.
Imagine doing that for each horse in each race. Now imagine doing both techniques for each horse. Further imagine that you want to handicap several cards of races for one day. It is a staggering amount of work (and we know only one handicapper who did all of that by hand—and he wrote the book!)

Dear Michael:
You don’t have to worry about me wanting my money back. I won every day, capped by a $2000 win on Saturday with no signers and a max bet of $60. Since I got the program I am up $6000.
On Sunday, I keyed a 40/1 at AQU 2nd and 3rd, boxed in ex with 2 of 4 horses used in tri, and as an afterthought played him in 2 $4 DD. Horse wins by nose, horse used in tri but not ex runs 2nd, and ex horse 3rd. I had the DD for $341 twice, otherwise I would have been a big bar customer.
- C.S.
Enter The Master Magician!

When you import a card of races into this software, all the Form Cycle Windows are done for you automatically—and in both modes!

This will literally save you hours and hours of work on each card of races that you handicap. And not only is it fast—it’s deadly accurate. Michael took months and months to come up with all of the details of each and every excuse to assure that it matched Michael’s personal Form Cycle Windows 98% of the time!

The Master Magician does the Pace/Position Analysis from Handicapping Magic to determine if the race is Lone Early, “Speed of Speed”, Pressured or has Heavy Pressure.

If you’ve read Handicapping Magic you already know how valuable it is to know in advance whether the race favors an early or a late horse, and which ratings to prefer. And to know when to virtually ignore the numbers and play the race solely on position.
It’s information that not one handicapper in a thousand has!

Another catch: Pace/Position Analysis is time consuming. You need to assess the horses that have taken the lead. Then compare their pace times. Then analyze the pressers in the race. And compare their times. Finally, you need to evaluate all of that information to determine which kind of horse is likely to be able to ‘strut its stuff’ in the race.

Now imagine doing all of that for every race on the card. And further imagine doing 6 cards of races in a day.
If you really did all of that work, it’s likely that you would take priceless hours of time—hours that you could be using to focus on the important issue of finding the value bets.

Again, The Master Magician comes to the rescue!

It looks at every running line on every horse, analyzes the running style, compares the fractional times, matches up the contention, and tells you how the race will run in seconds!

AND. . .

The Master Magician Evaluates Layoff horses—now you’ll know which layoff horses are worth a second look and which are poor bets!

The Master Magician tells you which horses are SNAIL horses— horses that have done poorly after a layoff.

You’ll save tons of cash from this one feature alone!

Michael: By now you are probably tired of hearing how great the Master Magician software is performing, but just in case your not – It is simply the best!!
- R.L.
Sadly, many Handicapping Magic handicappers ignore these and go ahead blindly opening the Form Cycle Window on horses that should not be given a second look. With The Master Magician, you’ll never make this mistake again!
The Master Magician analyzes all of the races in the horses’ Form Cycle Windows, and makes an assessment if any of the ratings are aberrant. Now you can avoid those one-race wonder sucker bets!

At his recent seminar, Michael explained that it just doesn’t make sense to accept a really high rating for a horse when it’s so much higher than its usual races.

Common sense, right? But, if you’re doing the ratings from Handicapping Magic by hand, you’d have to calculate every rating for every line for every horse to see if the rating is aberrant.

Even if you use the old Handicapping Magician program, you still have to evaluate carefully every single running line.

The Master Magician looks at every running line in the horse’s past performance and tells you if a rating is ‘out of whack’. This one feature alone will not only save you hours of work, but gobs of cash by giving you a ‘heads up’ when a rating may be out of line.

The Master Magician introduces the new Master Magician Contention Factor—this lets you read the public’s mind with ease!

For years, Michael has taught the importance of handicapping not just the race, but handicapping the public. It does no good if after all your handicapping you wind up with the same horses the public should like.
As sophisticated handicappers, you know that the key to beating this game is to find horses with something going for them that the public should overlook.

The Master Magician Contention Factor is an odds line that predicts how the public may see the race. The lucky attendees of the seminar and those who got the Success Tapes raved about how much this helped their handicapping. This appears automatically every time you open a race with The Master Magician!

Michael, I just want to tell you how much I love the book, software, and tapes. I got the software last Friday and it has already paid for itself. I didn’t have time to do a full analysis of the Santa Anita card before work, but I still wanted to place a quick bet on the feature race #7 on Wed (4/10). The software listed (2) Honesty Pays and (6) Continental Stitch as the top two horses. When I saw the contention line on the later horse, I started to drool. The 6 horse went off at over 30-1 (the longest shot in the field). I nailed the $160 exacta five times. I am halfway through the boot camp tapes, and learn more and more each day. Thanks a million! P.S. I listened to the bonus tape first, and was really inspired by Michael s take on handicapping, and on creating value.
- J.P.

And there’s much, much more, including automatically ranking the race by the most predictive ranking, properly weighting the odds line for each type of race, handicapping races on off tracks, and handicapping races that have been taken off the turf.

But here’s the bottom line, and here’s the true secret to producing unheard of results at the races:
You must focus on finding value bets—on finding those juicy situations where you like a horse that the public shouldn’t.

And the biggest obstacle to finding those bets is handicapping fatigue!

That’s right—handicapping fatigue. Most handicappers spend so much time handicapping a race that they run out of steam when the moment of truth comes.

If a handicapper has burned out trying to handicap several cards of races (think of all the work!), by the time the player gets to the race book or racetrack, there may be very little mental energy to focus on what you get paid for: finding good bets!

The Master Magician solves this by doing all of the tedious, mind-numbing work for you automatically! Now finally you can totally focus on finding good value bets while your competition gets bogged down with the details.

And. . . The Master Magician and The Master Magician Advisor lets you handicap a race like a Fortune 500 executive!

When you open a race, you’ll feel like you’re presiding over a virtual board meeting! One expert takes care of the PBS and PPF ratings. If he produces a number that’s out of line—your Aberrancy Advisor gives you his opinion. The creative type does the Pace/Position analysis. The forecaster looks to what the public will do—that’s your Master Magician Contention Factor. The efficiency guy looks for horses that may have trouble against the Fulcrum Pace. The Form Cycle expert works double time giving you both sets of Form Cycle Windows. The troubleshooter looks for Layoffs and SNAILs. Plus, there’s a Turf expert, and an off track and off-the-turf specialist.

Hellllllllloooooooooo Michael! I just got the Master Magician, and the tapes are worth the price alone! As good as the seminar tapes are for Handicapping Magician, these tapes are even better! Of course the software is awesome, and the information on the tapes really helps it all come together. You weren’t kidding when you referred to them as ‘boot camp’ – they’re fast paced and full of information! Thanks again for everything you’ve made available to us!
- S.S.
The Master Magician Advisor gives you a notice both on your computer screen and new expanded printout so you won’t miss these!
You see, the head honcho doesn’t micromanage! She or he doesn’t do all of the tedious work—or else there would be no time to make the all-important decision: which races are worth a bet!

Stop! We can almost hear what you’re thinking! This Master Magician program must be some kind of black box that will create winning plays all by itself.

Not quite. Sure, there are races that are so obvious that you’ll scratch your head in amazement that the payoffs could have been so huge.
But not every race is like that! Most races take a bit of work in deciding which horses fit the race and which horses can be the key to a big score. And that’s the skill you’ll learn with The Master Magician.

There’s probably no one better qualified in the world to teach you how to do this than Michael. He’s so enthusiastic about this project that he’s created a remarkable product that is included with your package called The Master Magician Boot Camp Audio CD-Roms.

The Master Magician Boot Camp Audio CD-Roms are an Amazing Seminar in A Box: They’re Like Having a Full Day of Personal Instruction With Michael Pizzolla!

There is simply no other way to get this kind of instruction anywhere on the planet. Michael is a no-nonsense, results oriented player. He is the rarest of players—someone who is hugely successful at the game and is willing to share what he has learned.

We truly think this software is an amazing Handicapping Magic tool. But just having the best tool without knowing how to use it is useless. That’s why Michael sat down and recorded a set of audio CDs so you can start using The Master Magician in record time.

With your copy of The Master Magician Software, we are including this remarkable set of 7 audio CD-Roms. These are no- nonsense, hard hitting, and uncensored tapes of Michael at his best. He calls it a boot camp because he’ll be your drill sergeant through 7 CDs chock full of information and instruction.

Here are just a few highlights of what you’ll learn in The Master Magician Boot Camp:

  • Learn how The Master Magician uses both the LASST and the Two Excuse Form Cycle Windows to make amazing calls!
  • See how the Layoff and SNAIL checking features will save you from making those horrible bets!
  • Listen as Michael describes the Pace/Position Analysis and which kinds of horses to use for each type of race!
  • Hear a secret about Heavy Pressure races that will shock even the most sophisticated handicapper!
  • Learn the real deal on aberrant numbers!
  • Hear Michael teach you his Personal Method for handicapping a race with The Master Magician!
  • Start using the power of GAPS—a true secret weapon for the savvy handicapper!
  • Handicap a whole card of races from Laurel racetrack with Michael as he uses The Master Magician!
  • See how you and The Master Magician could have had the $10,000 plus superfecta at Aqueduct on January 27, 2002!
  • Hit a $2500 trifecta with Michael and see the tickets!
  • Learn the true secrets of Track Bias!
  • How to save money by never betting on horses that look great on paper but sucker the public every time! This one is worth the price of this whole package!
  • Go to Santa Anita with Michael for two whole days of handicapping every race on each card!
  • Go on a virtual trip to the race book with Michael right after he finished taping one of the CDs and cash a $4000 superfecta and a $51.80 horse in the very next race. (Yes, you can see Michael’s tickets on this one as well).
  • Go back to the same race book, the very next night and in three races hit a $9.40 horse, a $13 horse, a $28 horse, a $135 exacta, a $300 exacta, a $777 trifecta, and an $1800 trifecta. Amazing—for most handicappers, this would be a career. Just another night for The Master Magician!

And on CD 7, Michael reveals his pet techniques that may be the closest thing to legally robbing racetracks!

Dear Michael:
I just purchased the Master Magician software and tape course. I find it to be a terrific extension of the Handicapping Magic concept!!! Thanks for this wonderful product. I have been enamored of the Handicapping Magic concept since I read the book last fall. I soon thereafter bought the Handicapping Magic software and the Success Tapes. (I’ve listened to these tapes at least four or five times. I get something new and important every time I go through them.) My satisfaction with these is what led me to purchase the Master Magician product.
I can’t imagine what you could do to top Master Magician!!! Thanks
- B.C.
You simply will not believe your eyes when you see the kinds of payoffs and results you can generate with these secret techniques and The Master Magician.

Spectacular? Amazing? Sensational? Astonishing? More hype, right?

You be the judge. Imagine hitting on the same day at Santa Anita a $1400 trifecta, a $5800 trifecta, and a $22,300 superfecta with one of these techniques (here’s a hint—this one involves first time starters). A fluke?

How about a race at Turfway park that once you know this closely-held secret will seem easy as pie to you and produce a $981 exacta, a $4,150 trifecta, and a $27,738 superfecta!

And with the same technique a few days later at Sam Houston, you’d hit a $684 exacta and a $14,277 trifecta!
Michael will show you exactly how to use the program, how to decide which races to play, how he structured his bets, and much much more. These CDs are like having Michael as your personal handicapping success coach.

And there’s more: included with your Master Magician software is a 122-page manual called Handicapping With The Master Magician.
This manual is bursting with good information, tips, pointers and strategies on how to handicap with The Master Magician as well as all the charts from the races on the CDs (with some copies of Michael’s tickets for good measure).

With The Master Magician Handicapping Software, The Boot Camp Audio CD-Roms, and the Handicapping with The Master Magician manual, you’ll have a post-graduate course in Handicapping Magic that is guaranteed to put you light years ahead of the handicapping crowd!


Yes, 100% Guaranteed. In fact, we’re so sure you’ll love The Master Magician, we’re making you a better than money back guarantee!

When you order The Master Magician, take a full 30 days to play with it, listen to the CDs, read the manual, soak it all in. At the end of those 30 days, if you don’t agree that it’s the very best software and information you’ve ever seen, return it to us for a prompt and cheerful refund.

And that’s not all.

Included with the software, the Boot Camp Audio CD-Roms and the manual is a remarkable Bonus CD that will just knock your socks off.
This tape, entitled “Becoming The Master Magician At The Races” contains a lifetime of handicapping advice and wisdom from Michael Pizzolla. This is Michael at his best, sharing with you the attitudes and strategies that will transform you into the best possible handicapper you can be!

There is so much good information on this one CD, we hardly know where to begin. Among the topics covered are:

  • The Three Key Attitudes To Mastery.
  • The Ultimate Secret To Success At Handicapping.
  • The Three Obstacles To Mastery And How To Overcome Them.
  • The Crucial Role Of The Body And Emotions In Handicapping.
  • The Three Practical Mental Keys To Mastery.
  • The Secret Inner Keys To Becoming The Master Magician.
  • How To Create Lasting Value Through Handicapping.
  • Michael’s Amazing Concept For Creating Your Own Luck!

Michael really poured his heart and soul onto this tape and believes it is the most important information he has ever revealed to the handicapping public.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the care and effort you put into the development of your software and “the bootcamp” tapes. I had a “free” week this week and was able to take in “the whole story” as they say. As a university professor, writer and researcher, I appreciate what it takes to inform, to explain, to tell evocative stories, to be organized and to communicate in a way that is inviting and not egotistical, defensive, or off putting. You did it well.

The Master Magician is the best thing I’ve seen come along…The first day I hit a $59 dollar win bet at Oaklawn in a pressure “chaos” race where I could have had a $99,000 dollar superfecta had I spent a few more dollars. The same day, there was a $63 dollar turf bomb at Santa Anita as well. Yesterday at Santa Anita the first-time starter play returned $190 for a six-dollar play and a lone speed horse in a maiden race paid 18.80 to win and a big exacta with the lone first-time starter in the field.

I could go on and on… thanks!

- A.B.
This amazing CD is yours absolutely free when you order The Master Magician. And even if you return the package for any reason, we want you to keep this amazing tape to listen to again and again!

That’s our ironclad, 100% better-than-money-back guarantee to you. That’s how confident we are that you will absolutely love The Master Magician!

Since that missed superfecta at Laurel, Michael has begun to rake in profits with less effort than ever before. And the thing that scares him a bit is that it’s almost too easy to use! So, he’s asked us to put some restrictions on the sales of this program.
First of all, this program is not for everyone: it’s a professional level program for handicappers who are serious about raising their game to a professional level now.

But before you start counting all the money that you’re going to be making there’s something you need to know. We’re not giving this software away. In fact, even though this is an amazing offer, we don’t expect many to be in a position to take advantage of it. Which is how Michael wants it. Because this offer is not intended for everyone.

If you are broke, down to your last penny or don’t have a discretionary wagering bankroll, or are a compulsive gambler . . . Or if you’re looking for a “black box” or a “press a button and count the money” approach to the races–then don’t order the The Master Magician. It isn’t for you.

On the Other Hand . . .

If you are looking for a handicapping path which can take you to the level of handicapping success you want, a level that you can only dream of now, this may be just what you are looking for.

We are only going to put this package into the hands of those serious about their handicapping success.

OK. Let’s talk a little about the investment required. There are plenty of free handicapping programs out there. Most of them are thinly disguised scams to sell you expensive data files. Like you’re not smart enough to see through that! The Master Magician uses the same exported data file from your Post Time Daily software, so there’s no additional data to buy.

Other software packages, in fact one that Michael developed years ago can sell for well over $1,500. In the case of that package, it is worth every penny of that price and much more. But not everybody can afford to invest that kind of money, or time—the learning curve can be very long.

The cost for The Master Magician is only $497, and you’ll receive:
The Master Magician Handicapping Software on CD-ROM
The Master Magician Operating Manual
The Master Magician Boot Camp Audio CD-Roms
The 122-page “Handicapping With The Master Magician” and
The Bonus CD “Becoming The Master Magician At The Races”
And to sweeten this offer we’re going to do something unprecedented!

If you already own the Handicapping Magician software, and order within the next 30 days, we’ll give you a credit for the full $150 you paid for that software, so your investment in The Master Magician is only $347. And if you order in the next 30 days, we’ll even pay the shipping and handling.

That’s right—if you already own the Handicapping Magician, The Master Magician can be yours for only $347!

If You Want To Get In On This Limited Opportunity—You Need To Act Now!


Sold Out – Out Of Stock