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How would you like to handicap like a pro, discover hidden bargains at the racetrack, and generate amazing spot plays in less time than it takes you to make a bet?

Whether you’re a casual horseplayer, a weekend warrior, or a confirmed fanatic, you’re going to love The Sharper Handicapper 2000™. This is a remarkable, easy-to-use piece of software that works with your Post Time Daily files that will literally transform you into a Sharper Handicapper, no matter what your skill level!

Post Time Daily, the developer and publisher of The Post Time Daily™, the original online form, is proud to announce The Sharper Handicapper 2000™.

Now in only seconds, you can begin to develop the same kind of insights and bets that are only accessible to the real professional handicapper. The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ will make you a sharper handicapper-guaranteed!

The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ is really three programs in one!

The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ produces Sharper Power Ratings™, a Sharper Odds Line™, and a selection of professional spot plays we call the Sharper Spots™

The Sharper Power Rating™ will put you light years ahead of the crowd.

  1. Final Time, Class, and Form, yes, but with a twist 

The factors that go into the Sharper Power Ratings™ are a unique blend of the conventional and the revolutionary. Let’s face it, there are some fundamentals in a race. Any rating that ignores, final time, class, and form is not likely to be the kind of solid rating you want to rely on.
So, the Sharper Power Ratings™ will look at the horses’ final time, class, and form. But the calculations are very subtle. The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ will consider each of the races in the horses’ past performances to calculate the final time, class, and form ratings in the race.

  2. The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ also uses some pace factors that will knock your socks off! 

The Sharper Power Ratings™ incorporates the horse’s front running and late running tendencies. Now, that may not sound too unconventional, but we are using some revolutionary formulas we’ve developed for those factors.

The Front Running Rating is so predictive, you’ll think you got the results charts in advance.

Something that the beta testers of The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ were unanimous about was the power and accuracy of the Front Running ratings. Time after time, race after race, The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ accurately predicted which horses were going to be on the lead. It didn’t matter whether the race was a sprint or a route, in the slop or on the turf, these ratings were astonishingly accurate.

And the Late Running Ratings will show you the late runners in advance.

These numbers will give you a huge advantage on the crowd, because you just can’t see most of these moves by just eyeing the past performances.
Because these ratings are based on some unconventional factors as well, they will often point to some pretty amazing horses. How amazing?

How about picking Charismatic to win the Kentucky Derby-right on top when he paid $64.60, right on top to win the Preakness when he paid $18.80, and picking him to finish out of the money in the Belmont Stakes?

This year’s Triple Crown races stumped most of the “experts”. The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ simply compared the horses against the other horses in the race. And Charismatic was selected right on top in the Kentucky Derby, paying $64.60. (With some imagination, the exacta of $727.80 and the trifecta of $5,666.20 were there for the taking as well).

Still the “experts” weren’t convinced. So they and the crowd let Charismatic go off at over 8-1 in the Preakness. The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ simply and unemotionally compared him to the other horses in the Preakness. And selected him right on top again when he paid $18.80. And gave the cold exacta.

Now all the “experts” and everyone else jumped on the Charismatic bandwagon. And made him a strong favorite in the Belmont. But The Sharper Handicapper™ again looked at the comparisons in the race. It was a much different field. And amazingly, the program didn’t give Charismatic a very good rating at all.

So, The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ and the Sharper Power Ratings™ went against the “squares” and cleaned up on the Triple Crown. We think these ratings are amazing.

How amazing? How about a $24.60 horse and a $57 horse on the same day at Saratoga? On August 23rd, The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ made a horse called Maracaibo Post Time Daily top rating in the 7th at Saratoga. The horse came home at $24.60. On the same card, in the 3rd race, the program made Post Time Daily top pick 7/2 and the horse went off as a heavy favorite. It’s very close second choice-Princess Aloha-was given odds of 9/2 and the horse went off at over 27-1. Which would you bet? When Princess Aloha beat the favorite, you could hear the gasps in the race book.

You see, winners are great, but you also need price. With the Sharper Odds Line™, you will get the prices you NEED to win.
At last, the Sharper Odds Line™ makes overlays easy!

The Sharper Odds Line™ will tell you what the odds on the horse should be based on Post Time Daily Sharper Power Ratings™. If you make sure that the price on the board is significantly higher than that, you are going to be getting a bargain. Will those bets win all the time? Of course not. But if you keep making good bets, good things will happen.

The combination of the Sharper Power Ratings™ with the Sharper Odds Line™ will make you a force to be reckoned with at the windows. But we’ve saved the best for last…

The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ includes seven diabolical, closely-guarded professional spot plays we call the Sharper Spots™

If you ask the sharp handicappers what their most valuable tools are, they will always point to their spot plays. A spot play is one that doesn’t occur in every race-it’s not a ‘system’-but a set of circumstances that make a horse a good bet in a race.

We’ve searched high and low and found the best of the best-the crème de la crème of spot plays.

These spot plays don’t come up every race. Some of them don’t even come up every card. They are highly selective plays.

The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ will give you your Sharper Spots™ in seconds.

  3. Sharper Spot™ Number One: The Stretch Out Spot Play 

Have you ever wondered what it took for a sprinter to stretch out successfully in a route race?

The Stretch Out Spot is designed to find exactly this kind of horse.

If The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ did nothing but find these Stretch-Out Spots for you, it would be worth far more than what it sells for.

  4. Sharper Spot™ Number Two: The Hidden Form Spot Play 

The core of this spot is the theory that some horses that go in and out of form are being prepped for a race.

The Hidden Form Spot Play takes the best of the trainer move angles and couples it with a competitiveness feature that makes it a rare but powerful spot play.

  5. Sharper Spot™ Number Three: The Blue-Chip Spot Play 

Just as some stocks are considered blue chip, rock-solid investments, so too are some horses. These are the horses that perform well week in and week out. They may not pay outrageous prices, but when one of them shows up in your race, you’d better pay attention.

  6. Sharper Spot™ Number Four: The Double Power Spot Play 

There are certain races in which two horses are very dominant from both a final time and pace perspective.
The only catch is that this spot play requires a two-horse bet. But if your two-horse bet will insure a good return, you’ve got a winner on your hands.

  7. Sharper Spot™ Number Five: The Dominant Early Spot 

Here’s a Sharper Spot™ play that could pay for Post Time Daily and The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ many times over. The Dominant Early Spot will show you those horses that have the potential to get out in front and stay there all the way to the wire.

  8. Sharper Spot™ Number Six: The Prime Place Spot Play 

This play finds horses that have the ability to complete good exactas. The combination of factors that go to make up this play are hidden to the average player. Whether you play them to place or use them in your exotics, you’re going to love the Prime Place Spot Play.

 9. Sharper Spot™ Number Seven: The Secret Spot Play 

We call this the Secret Spot because this is one of those spots that have been kept very secret through the years. A variation of this spot was sold for several hundred dollars over thirty years ago, and it was thought of as a bargain at that price. There are so many factors that go into the Secret Spot Play it would be extremely time consuming to calculate on your own. It doesn’t come up very often, but it is very strong when it does.

 10. All this and some pretty sharp printouts 

The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ makes a nifty one-page printout that you can use as a scratch sheet. It lists the Sharper Power Ratings™ for each horse as wel

l as Post Time Daily Sharper Odds Line™ and the Sharper Spot™ plays as well. It’s perfect for the player who wants simple, bottom line answers.
For those who like more detail, there’s an easy-to-use deluxe printout that you can choose to print. This prints all of the ratings that The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ calculates as well as the Sharper Odds™ and Sharper Spots™.

The only thing worse than not using The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ is betting against someone who does…

Whether you want solid ratings, overlays from a good odds line, or professional spot plays, The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ is for you. We’re so confident that you’ll love The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ that we’re offering it with an

 11. Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee  If for any reason you don’t think The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ is worth many times what you paid for it, just send it back, and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked. But we know that if you try it for 30 days, we won’t be able to get it back from you even if we tried!

 12. No extra charge for the data 

[/highlight] There’s no extra charge for the data for The Sharper Handicapper 2000™. You simply import the I.T.S. comma delimited file (that’s the file that’s exported by The Post Time Daily™ software) and you’re done! If you’ve downloaded the day’s card of races for your Handicappers Daily software, you already have everything the program needs.

And The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ is a beautiful, easy-to-use Windows program (for Windows 95 and higher).

 13. Ordering 

[/highlight] The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ sells for only $97.00. That’s just a fraction of what only one of the spot plays is worth!

Don’t hesitate. Discover how easy and enjoyable it is to become a better, sharper handicapper with The Sharper Handicapper 2000™.
For credit card orders, call (702)889-2814. Or send your check or money order for $97.00 payable to Post Time Solutions, Inc., 2900 South Rancho Drive, Suite 205, Las Vegas, NV 89102 To order from our website via our secure server, click Add to Cart below.and you wil have access to download the software and materiall.

 14. Free Bonus 

If you order The Sharper Handicapper 2000™ from this introductory offer, we’ll include a valuable FREE bonus. It’s a special report on Betting Techniques and Portfolio Management at the Racetrack. It’s a $19.95 value, yours absolutely free. Learn the real inside secrets of how to manage your money at the track the way the big Wall Street boys do in the market. It’s yours to keep just for trying The Sharper Handicapper 2000. Order today-you have nothing to lose and a world of racing enjoyment to gain!

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