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This often happens to us, we get software on CD, install it and use the built-in updating to keep it current. Years later, we get a new computer (or have to reformat our old one) and that CD we needed to get started is nowhere to be found.

In the case of Black Magic, this is now easily remedied.

Just point your web browser to:

You’ll need to enter your account user name and password (the ones that you use for downloading race cards) and it’ll check that you’ve actually purchased Black Magic from us.

On some browsers, your download may be temporarily blocked, as Windows may think your download is “suspicious”. To unblock your download, your browser will give you the option to override it and keep the file anyway. For example:

Once you’ve successfully entered your download credentials, the Black Magic installer will be downloaded to a folder on your computer. Make note of this location in case you need to relocate it later. Your browser should show you that the download has completed (typically in your browser’s upper-right corner). You may then click on this download from the browser’s list of downloads or by double-clicking the installer from the folder to which it was just saved.

Windows may then show a warning similar to the following:

If you do see this screen, simply click “More info”, followed by “Run anyway”. One additional dialog will ask you for permission to install the program. Click “Yes” and follow and further instructions.

Congratulations, you’ve (re)installed Black Magic!

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