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In order to run Post Time Daily 2.0, you must have a PC running Windows version 10 or higher (this includes Windows 11). Previous versions of Windows, such as XP, Windows 7, and Windows Vista are no longer supported by Microsoft, who encourage users to upgrade to Windows 10 or Windows 11. That being said, if you do have an older PC, Post Time Daily 2.0 will likely work just fine, but please be aware that we can no longer provide support for these older Windows versions.

Also, please note that recent versions of Windows now include a warning message when first trying to install the Post Time Daily 2.0 software. This warning will look like this:

If you do see this screen, simply click “More info”, followed by “Run anyway”. One additional dialog will ask you for permission to install the program. Click “Yes” and follow further instructions.

To download Post Time Daily 2.0, visit the download page here: If you are already registered as a Post Time Daily user, you can skip to the download by clicking here instead:

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