Analysis: Too many tracks, fewer bets plague U.S. horse racing

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From Reuters, a sobering article on the future of US racing. While not optimistic, there are some bright spots, specifically the stats on Del Mar and Monmouth, and the surprisingly number of younger fans. Still, is there anything that can make horse racing competitive with the adrenaline pumping, money sucking allure of the slots and table games? Perhaps an understanding of the true nature of the game. 

(Reuters) – With fewer fans wagering less money at too many racetracks, U.S. thoroughbred horse racing is galloping toward a reckoning.

Not even the advent of racinos — tracks that include slot machines or other casino gambling — have stemmed the decline.

The industry must address a fall-off in attendance, betting totals and horse auction values if it wants to retain its position in the public's sporting consciousness, executives and analysts said.

"The playing field has completely changed for the industry," said Ray Paulick, who has covered horse racing for more than three decades and publishes the Paulick Report. "There's too many tracks, too many race dates and not enough consumers who are interested in the product." For the rest of the story:

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