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Interesting that GP is going to run the 8.5 furlong distance.  It’s a much better test than that one turn mile!

 Park making real strides

The Gulfstream Park season begins Saturday, a month earlier than usual, and the seventh race will be run at 1 1/16 miles. The early start might attract the most media attention, and the Spectacular Bid Stakes stir the most curiosity, but it’s the distance of the seventh race that’s most auspicious. The distance isn’t a gimmick or a gimcrack to attract a younger audience, nor does it have anything to do with camel races. The distance represents a restoration of values.

Suddenly, it seems, Gulfstream Park has remembered what its season is all about: quality racing and, more than anything, the development of young horses into classic prospects. That mile and a sixteenth suggests that Gulfstream, unlike most racetracks, understands itself and the product it’s selling.

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