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Sobering look at the crisis that is New York racing.

Horse New York racing at crossroads – ESPN

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. — The air rushes from the Spa’s balloon suddenly and this year with the distinct sound of both finality and relief. Even the acquisition of the Travers canoe by Mike Repole, inventor of vitamin enriched water and enthusiastic owner of racehorses, met with resigned disinterest on Sunday when it was removed from the infield pond for transport to a swimming pool on Long Island. Sunday mornings after the Travers Stakes have for more than 50 years dawned on the canoe painted in the winner’s colors but, even with the problems posed by a dead heat in the 143rd Travers, tradition is impossible to besmirch when so few traditionalists remain and are so vastly outnumbered by the unaware.

If a nation can function with one vice president, so can NYRA.

Since there is no chain of authority at the New York Racing Association, a void left by the overthrow of a hapless board of trustees larded with those due political consideration and the announced intent to replace it with a hapless board almost purely composed of those due political consideration, the immediate period, post Saratoga, is critical. It is important that the inevitably inept be able to recognize and hire those who are highly capable, a difficult equation to balance. This will reveal immediately much concerning the intent of Gov. Andrew (Darth Vader) Cuomo regarding the future of racing and breeding in New York.

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