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Negativity surrounding horse racing must stop –

On this day, overcast skies above Arlington Park couldn’t cast a pall over the track specifically or the sport generally.

In the coming months around here there also will be the Arlington Million and around the country the other Triple Crown and the Breeders’ Cup races. The rest of the time the sport is dominated by gloom and doom regardless of the weather.

Ask the average person on the street about horse racing and he or she probably thinks it’s dying if not dead already. The staff at Arlington accentuates the positive, but sometimes they don’t have enough fingers to plug the holes.

There are enough crises, scandals and controversies annually to last a lifetime, which has to be depressing for such a great product conducted in such beautiful venues like Arlington.

Good things are happening in horse racing but too much of it is obscured by bickering, protesting and disputing.

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