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From the handicapper’s and ValueCapper’s point of view, this is encouraging.

New Del Mar program fills races

In an effort to increase race fields and thus bolster wagering, the new “Ship and Win” program for Del Mar’s 72nd season has gotten off to a successful start. Del Mar is showing a boost in field sizes due to the innovation.

“We had hopes this program would prove beneficial in reversing the decline of stock on the circuit,” stated Del Mar’s executive vice president for racing Tom Robbins. “And while it certainly hasn’t been a full answer to our needs, it has been a solid step in the right direction.

“Obviously, we’ve attracted new folks to the meet with this program. But we’ve also encouraged our local owners and trainers to go out and get runners from elsewhere. Already, there have been four or five occasions where I’ve been able to fill a race because we had an out-of-state horse thrown into the mix. If they hadn’t been there, the race wouldn’t have been carded.”

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