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Good article about the racing industry’s response to the New York Times hit piece

What’s Going On Here: Game-Changers

Nearly every survey conducted over the past decade by or for the Thoroughbred industry elicited comments about the need for a national racing office. The consensus opinion is that racing cannot grow without a central office coordinating marketing and promotional efforts. This same national commission, if ever formed, would also improve racing’s reputation by shepherding standardized medication use policies, testing, and enforcement.

Three months ago The Blood-Horse began looking into the feasibility of ever creating such an organization. Pennsylvania freelance writer Evan Pattak tackled the existing legal obstacles with creating a national office, while news editor Tom LaMarra looked at the history of past attempts. The package of stories on the following pages paints a definitive picture of how realistic a national office is and where the industry going forward needs to focus its energies. It even provides a glimpse into proposed changes that may make a real difference.

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