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Now you can own the world-famous Thoroughbred you always wanted with the Breyer: Secretariat. If there can be one horse and one race that defines the sport of Thoroughbred racing, that horse would be the world-famous Secretariat, and the race would be his win at the 1973 Belmont Stakes. Listed on two “Athletes of the Century” lists (#35 on ESPN’s list and in the Top Ten of Time Magazine’s list), Triple Crown winner Secretariat, owned by Meadow Stables, was a true athlete and champion. The world has yet to see another Belmont win of 31 lengths, such as he did in 1973, and there has yet to be a Thoroughbred that breaks his 1973 Kentucky Derby record of 1:59 2/5. Breyer: Secretariat Features:Carefully sculpted by talented artists Hand-painted This stunning re-creation of Secretariat is durable enough for play, yet exquisite enough to inspire a collection Horse measures approx. 11″ x 9″ For ages 8 to 12 Made in China

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