DQ Soaks Beulah Park ‘Bridge Jumpers’

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Sic Semper Bridge Jumpers!

DQ Soaks Beulah Park ‘Bridge Jumpers’ | BloodHorse.com

So-called bridge-jumper bettors appeared home free when 2-5 favorite Paige’s Prize rolled to a 12 1/2-length victory Feb. 25 in the first race at Beulah Park (VIDEO), but moments later their anticipated small profits would vanish.

In the hours that followed, the stewards’ decision to disqualify Paige’s Prize was nearly universally panned by handicappers on social media siteseven players who said they benefited from the call. Some of those players suggested racing association stewards faced a conflict of interest because of a potential negative show pool if Paige’s Prize had won (although with net pool pricing any exposure would be difficult to determine.)

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