Gov. Cuomo blasts NYRA, TwinSpires agreement

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For those of you familiar with the NYRA saga, this latest statement by NY Governor Cuomo is one that may engender excessive head shaking:

From the Thoroughbred Times:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has blasted New York Racing Association for contracting with Churchill Downs’ in Oregon to handle its telephone wagering business.

Cuomo, in a Thursday letter to NYRA, asked that any activity under the contract be done by New York employees.

“NYRA's decision to locate these activities and the potential jobs out of state is extremely troubling given the extraordinary investment New York state has made to maintain NYRA's viability over the years,” Cuomo said. “My top priority as governor is to create jobs in New York state,” Cuomo said. “As such, I expect you to do everything possible to ensure that these telephone wagering activities are conducted within New York state by New York state taxpayers. The Empire State Development Corporation stands ready to help you to identify options for keeping these jobs within the State. I would ask your full cooperation in this effort and look forward to a prompt response.”

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