Horse racing needs to get a job.

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Brendan O'Meara has done an article about the state of horse racing. It's pretty controversial, but really well written. Here are some excerpts, the full article from can be read at the link below:

Horse racing needs to get a job.

Horse racing has been living in its mother’s basement blogging about video games and belly button lint too long. Horse racing’s gut hangs over its stained tighty-whities. It hasn’t shaved in weeks.

Mom calls down asking how it’s doing but not really wanting to know how it’s feeling but rather why it hasn’t seen the sun and eaten anything not packaged by Frito-Lay. Pull your own weight! Pay a bill! Put on a shirt!…

In this Choose Your Own Adventure there are two options worth considering to find gainful employment for horse racing. If it is so concerned about money and the un-welfare of its athletes and bettors then quit, yes, you, quit. Turn to the last page: THE END.

Option No. 2—if you have more hope than Pandora—join the Betting Embargo brought to you by The Carryover! And what better statement could be made than by sticking it right to the heart of horse racing and Kentucky? Don’t bet the Derby. Not a dime. Not one freaking penny. So, you like To Honor and Serve? Honor and serve your game by getting the brass to notice by putting your money on two—no three!—Grilled Stuft Burritos instead of Uncle Mo (sorry Mr. Repole, oh, valiant silver lining).

For the rest of the article:

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