IFHA Applauds Jockey Club Reform Efforts

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Battlelines are clearly drawn. The Jockey club position on one side, and the pro-drug position of some horsemen on the other. 

IFHA Applauds Jockey Club Reform Efforts

International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA) chairman Louis Romanet has applauded the continued efforts of The Jockey Club to prohibit race-day medication in U.S. racing.

During closing remarks at the IFHA annual international conference Oct. 8 in Paris, Romanet praised The Jockey Club president James Gagliano’s conference presentation on U.S. medication reform efforts.

“The Jockey Club core belief that ‘Horses should compete only when they are free from the influence of medication,’ sounds like very nice music to my ears,” said Romanet, before addressing Gagliano directly. “Jim, I am sure that everybody in that room today is wishing you good luck to win this strategic battle.”

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