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The Business Insider reports that the Preakness has unveiled its mascot for the race. Kegasus. Half man, half horse, touting 'Infieldfest'. 

Their headline says it all: The Preakness Admits The Only Reason Horse Racing Exists Is To Drink Beer. From the article:

They once referred to horse racing as "The Sport of Kings." Well apparently when a royal sport falls, it falls hard.  How do we know?

Let us introduce to you the new mascot of the Preakness:Kegasus.

Yes, Kegasus.  He's a half-horse, half-man with a prominent beer gut being touted as "Part champion Thoroughbred, part infield fan and all party manimal" and he'll be featured in the Maryland Jockey Club's marketing campaign for the 136th running of the Preakness Stakes. For the rest of the article:

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