Jockey Club projects smallest foal crop since late ’70s

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From The Thoroughbred Times, a report from the Jockey Club about the smallest foal crop since 1977. It will be a continuing challenge for tracks to field full fields that attract good betting action, funding the sport, leading to bigger foal crops, etc.

With breeders adjusting to dwindling demand, the Jockey Club is projecting this year’s foal crop to be the smallest since the 1970s with numbers similar to 1977.

In figures released Thursday, the Jockey Club said 27,233 live foals had been reported through September 8. That figure is down 14.2% compared with last year at this time when 31,727 reports had been received.

As in past years, the Jockey Club’s Live Foal Reports typically include about 90% of reports when it is released in September. The Jockey Club estimates the final number of live foals for 2010 will be about 30,000, a number similar to the 30,036 reported in 1977.

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