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This article pretty much sums up my thinking on having both an iPad and MBA 11". There are things at which each excels, and there is not that much overlap. I love reading with iBooks or Good Reader on the iPad, as much as more as paper and ink books. Checking RSS on the iPad with Reeder is so much more intuitive than on the computer. Most of my emails can be handled, except when I need to do a longer response, or as I'm doing here, a Posterous post with attachments. I have done that with the iPad, but feel more comfortable with a screen and keyboard. Will be going on a trip for the holidays, and will definitely bring the MacBook Air, don't know yet if I'll take the iPad, but right now I'm leaning to do just that: their weight together is about half my big MacBook Pro with the cover.

Here's the article from The Brooks Review:

Redux – Mobile Working Thoughts

Sunday, after a long weekend down in Oregon, I was having lunch with friends and one asked whether I had gotten the new MacBook Air yet. When I told him that I did get it, he asked why I needed an iPad still. A question that I was short on answers.

The logic he was using is sound, an iPad and MacBook Air are both very mobile machines and since the MacBook Air is more powerful and almost as mobile why would I need both an iPad and MacBook Air. At least this is what I assume to be the logic that he was using.

The answer though is not straightforward, I don’t need both, yet at the same time I do need both. It is massively confusing, not just for people who look at my setup, but for me as well. For the rest of the article:

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