Michael Pizzolla’s ValueCapping Video Rant: The 2014 Breeders’ Cup

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From The Desk Of Michael Pizzolla
October 29, 2014
9:57 PM

Dear ValueCapper and Friend,

How time flies! It’s time again for the 2014 edition of the Breeders’ Cup this Friday and Saturday, October 31st and November 1st.

As usual, there are the handicapping and ValueCapping challenges with large fields, odd distances, and horses making their first starts in the U.S.

While the Breeders’ Cup races are the ‘big event’, it’s always a good idea on these big days look for profitable opportunities on the undercards. Do this not only at Santa Anita but the other tracks as well. There’s a lot of ‘recreational’ money in the pools on these days.

I’ve made a video for you with 5 keys to ValueCapping the 2014 Breeders’ Cup and then a ‘look over my shoulder’ as I analyze all of the Breeders’ Cup races from Friday and Saturday from the point of view of finding good value investments.

In the video, I use the software tool I use every day,   Black Magic: The Ultimate Handicapper Software. I hope you enjoy.

Thank you again for your support and encouragement, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. If you have any technical questions, drop a line to the tech team at support@posttimedaily.com

Any questions for me on ValueCapping, or to let me know of your progress, drop me a line at michael@posttimedaily.com (although it may be a day or two before I can get back to you, what with traveling and Breeders’ Cup.)

Good luck at the races, at Breeders’ Cup, and always!

All the best,


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