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 Dear ValueCapper and Friend:

The 2011 BreedersCup is here, and I've just finished my ValueCapping Rant for you.

It was going to put it into an email, but it turned out to be a 28 page, 4,500 word affair, more of a short book than an email. So I made it into a pdf report for you and put it online.

You can get my 2011 BreedersCup ValueCapping Rant by clicking here:

Click Here For Michael Pizzolla's 2011 BreedersCup ValueCapping Rant

Be patient, as it's a large PDF, so it may take a little while to download to your browser.

I hope you enjoy it. Along with a look at the races on BreedersCup day, there's a discussion about the overall approach of ValueCapping that I think you'll find useful. 

Click Here For Michael Pizzolla's 2011 BreedersCup ValueCapping Rant

Good luck on BreedersCup day and always. Remember to let the bet make you.

All the best,




P.S. If you are having trouble reading the PDF, don't panic. Most likely, it's that you may just need a PDF Viewer.  The link below is a no charge fast windows PDF viewer that you can install. Just install the program, and then try opening the PDF again. If you're still having issues, drop a line to, and they'll be able to help. Here's the link for the no cost PDF viewer if you need it:

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