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Good morning Wizards,

Don't know what it is about Golden Gate, but I find good Highly Pressured race opportunities there.

Today's 8th race is an example.

6 entrants, Highly Pressured, two horses listed as AccuPressure Closers, the 5 and the 3. The 5 is the lone S horse, second on the line at 4-1/11-1/8-1. Top on the line is the 6, at 5/2 BLAM, 9/5 Contention, 8/5 ML. It just ran a tooth and nail hard race last out after being off over a month, and now is taking a slight drop in class. A CLASSIC anti-value horse.

The 5, Miner Pic, at a decent overlay is looking like a pretty good value opportunity. Exotics are a bit tricky, but I've got the 2 above the line that looks to be a price, and the 3, the other closer. Can't go too coverage happy here, as the Fulcrum is at the bottom of the line, the phony favorite could get second, as it's the Reversal Winner and the 5 the Reverser, etc. Price will dictate, as usual!

All the best,


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