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My racing strategy is to always back the wrong horse

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Whenever I read stories or descriptions of horseplayers like this, I shake my head. Why would someone play a game like this? Unfortunately, it reinforces the stereotypes many have of horse race handicappers. Sad.

Whenever I feel like I have too much money, I put on my loudest tartan sport coat, fill up the pockets with loonies and head for the horse racing track.

The too-much-money feeling soon goes away. Usually by the sixth race it is replaced by the I-suck-at-this feeling.

Saturday night at Marquis Downs was a typically punishing outing. I bet on horses that were so slow they held up the next race: " … We'll be back underway in a minute or two, folks, just as soon as Alpo's Choice limps in … "

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  1. Randhil

    I had no idea how to approach this boefre—now I’m locked and loaded.