NYRA stewards plan to explain Saratoga decisions

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In a welcome step towards transparency, the stewards at Saratoga will be providing explanations for their actions. A welcome step forward from the Star Chamber like proceedings at some venues

NYRA stewards plan to explain Saratoga decisions 

Stewards at New York Racing Association tracks plan to provide to the public reasons for decisions that affect official orders of finish.

Beginning with the opening of Friay’s Saratoga meeting, stewards’ race-day decisions involving the official order of finish will be communicated through the simulcast feed and posted on the NYRA.com site. After a horse is disqualified, many fans often are confused about the reasons for such a decision.

Directly following any decision they make having to do with the official order of finish, including inquiries and objections, the stewards will provide an explanation of what happened and the reason for their decision. Also, if there is an inquiry or an objection in which the stewards ultimately decide not to take action, their reasoning will be provided.

For the rest of the article from Thoroughbred Times: http://www.thoroughbredtimes.com/national-news/2010/July/23/NYRA-stewards-plan-to-explain-Saratoga-decisions.aspx#

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