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Another year has passed with surprisingly little industry discussion about the price of a wager. You would think that with pari-mutuel handle on U.S. Thoroughbred racing having dropped about 25% from 2006 to 2012, there would be a comprehensive study on maximizing takeout rates to generate more handle and reward the customer. … Nothing else seems to have worked, so why not?

One of my favorite recurring discussions on Twitter deals with takeout, particularly the larcenous rates on some exotic wagers at Pennsylvania tracks. … What’s funny about it is this: Most of these tracks average $50,000 or less a day on track on their live product. That means importers taking their signals get the benefit of the high rate. … If they pay the Pennsylvania track 3% for its signal, the importers keep 27% on a trifecta wager. … In either case, of course, the non-rebated player loses big time.

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