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I found this quote today in an article written by Steve Davidowitz, an author on racing who should know better:

“#9. Unlike college and pro football or basketball — as well as other sports that invite gambling with point spreads — I prefer horse racing for a reason that is rarely considered, yet it might be as important as anything on this list: When your horse wins, the margin at the wire does not have any bearing on whether you will be paid. Conversely, when you are betting on football and/or basketball, you are always at the mercy of the winning margin and no team factors the bookmaker’s point spread into its game plan.”

Seriously? I’m not a sports bettor, but could someone involved in wagering NOT have heard of ‘money line’ bets where you get odds for betting on the team that wins the game outright? When I put a small ‘rooting’ bet on the Giants to beat the Packers last week, I got odds of +260, meaning that a $100 bet would win $260 if the Giants won (which they did!) On this bet, the margin of victory does not matter. Could this expert not know this?

There were other things in the article with which one could disagree, but this quote was a shocking one, a real doozy.

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