The Mouse Is Dead. Long Live The Trackpad!

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I've been using the Apple Magic Trackpad since the day after it was released. I love the glass trackpad on my MacBook Pro, the ability to use gestures like expanding a webpage with a two finger reverse pinch, exposing the open apps and documents with a four finger swipe, navigating web pages with three finger horizontal swipes, and so forth.

Actually, reading the descriptions make them sound way more complicated than it is, it's a matter of muscle memory at this point.

Well, the Magic Trackpad brings that functionality to my desktop computer, a Mac Pro. The ability to navigate around two monitors is superb, much more usable than the mouse. Like many Apple fans, I was never thrilled with the Apple mouse solutions, with the latest Magic Mouse being the best offering yet.

The Trackpad is the answer for me, I can bring my muscle memory and trackpad to the Mac Pro and may never use a mouse again.

The mouse is dead. Long live the Trackpad.

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