You May Need To Update Your Post Time Daily Software

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We made some changes on the 21st of October that we'd been preparing for and planning for three years. Part of this was where data files are stored on our servers. All versions of the Post Time Daily released since about this time in 2011 are ready for the change. But if you haven't updated your Post Time Daily software during any of the past four or five updates, then it can't handle the change.

You'll know that's the case if you are using the Post Time Daily for downloading and get a network connection error type of message.

The solution is to simply download and install the latest version of the Post Time Daily. Doing so will also put your email address on our notification mailing list by signing up for the e-course. This is important as we've sent out several emails over the past two years telling folks that they need to update their software. In fact, Michael just sent one out the night of the 21st. If you didn't get it then you're not on the list.

Just go to the Post Time Daily 2x page here on our website, put in your name and email address. That'll put you on the list (as soon as you click the link in the email it'll send you) and start downloading the latest Post Time Daily software.

Just run it to install it and you'll be good to go again.

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